Every Beauty Editor I Know Loves Kosas—The Brand's Best-Selling Products, Ranked

Kosas Review



By now, I'm sure you're either really sick of us talking about Kosas or simply love clean beauty and are itching to hear more. I (hoping its the latter) have decided to take on quite the impossible task. As I'm sure you've figured out by now, beauty editors can't get enough of it. It has become quite the staple brand for team Who What Wear and I don't see that changing any time soon.

With that in mind, I realized a simple Kosas review of a few hero products just wouldn't suffice here. I've very tentatively taken on the task of ranking the items on the Kosas best sellers list. Each item is so dang good, you may even be surprised at where some of them fall on this list. Keep scrolling and find out what my number one pick is.

13. Cloud Set Setting Powder

I only rank Cloud Set as number 13 because I've basically forsaken wearing any kind of powder at all at this point. But for those who still like a little setting powder, this is a great option because it's soft and smoothing. Bamboo stem extract reduces shine while passionfruit leaf extract and Chinese peony in the formula gives the skin a silk-like finish and minimizes shine.

12. Weightless Lipstick

Don't get me wrong, this is a solid lipstick. It only comes in at number 12 on this list because it doesn't last quite as long as I would like. This could be due to the many oils and butters in the formula. They're definitely hydrating and keep lips soft, but for me, that sometimes equates to a tad extra smear and more reapplying.

11. The Big Clean Mascara

I've said it before, I'm not usually a huge fan of "clean" mascaras. I've noticed that they just don't work as well as regular formulas—sorry. However, some swear by them and this one has managed to make it onto Kosas's best sellers list. I'll rank this one at a solid number 11.

10. Good Body Skin Exfoliating Body Wash

I've always loved Kosas makeup products, but only recently realized I shouldn't sleep on its body products, either. This is a great-smelling body wash to have on hand if you workout a lot. It's super gentle but always leaves my skin feeling really soft after I use it. This one clocks in at number 10 just because, well, Kosas makeup products are really hard to beat. 

9. Chemistry Deodorant 

I've heard mixed reviews about deodorants that use chemical exfoliants to fight odor. Personally, I can say I've gone this route and liked the results. It varies per person, but the Kosas Chemistry Deodorant is one of the ones I've had success with. As a bonus, it also really helps with ingrown hairs.

8. Brow Pop

Fun fact: Brow Pop is actually one of my all-time favorite brow pencils. It only ranks number eight here because there are other Kosas products I can't live without just a hair more. The pencil creates such soft, natural-looking definition and it's very forgiving. I'm no brow-shaping expert, but using this pencil with a light touch always helps me achieve the exact look that I'm going for.

Kosas Review



7. Air Brow - Tinted

I'm not usually big on a super-feathery brow, but I love using this as a final step on my brows to really set them in place. It does the job and adds a slight tint of color if you like a bolder look.

6. Tinted Face Oil

I almost can't believe I'm ranking my precious Tinted Face Oil number six on this list. It was my ride or die for a solid two years before I graduated to the brand's Revealer Foundation. I love the way it just glides onto skin and leaves it feeling so hydrated. It contains so many powerhouse ingredients like avocado oil, meadowfoam oil, jojoba oil, rosehip, and red raspberry oil. Make no mistakes, though. It never leaves your skin feeling oily or greasy. In fact, it feels perfectly balanced.

5. 10-Second Eye

I'm obsessed with the stunning variety of shades this creamy swipe-on shadow comes in. Each adds such a warm, luminous look to the eye with next to no effort. The shade Blaze has become my go-to when I need to do my makeup in less than 15 minutes.

4. Color & Light Palette

The obsession with this highly pigmented palette is real—that's why it ranks pretty close to the top of this list. It looks gorgeous on the cheeks as a highlight or on the lids as a pop of shadow. The formula is so creamy and blendable it just melts into the skin. You'll have a supernatural glow that doesn't even look the slightest bit artificial. 

Kosas Review



3. The Sun Show Bronzer

If there's anything I love more than a shimmery highlight, it's a next-level bronzer and this one is it. I have a few solid bronzers in my rotation that I like to use, but I always find myself reaching for this one in particular. It has a generous dose of shea butter and meadowfoam oil in the formula so it starts as a powder and transforms into a silky balm that hugs the skin just right. It's also incredibly buildable so it works for days you just want a pop of color and ones you want a little more *drama.*

2. Revealer Concealer

I'm not going to lie, I've only recently started using concealer. There are two so far I absolutely swear by—this one and Tarte's infamous Shape Tape. This grabs the number two spot because it creates a smooth, dewy finish and really helps brighten up my under eye area in record time. If you have acne-prone skin, you'll also like how well this one covers up spots but doesn't mattify too quickly. I like to dab a little on problem areas before going in with my foundation and you can barely tell they're there. 

1. Revealer Skin-Improving Foundation

It may come as no surprise that the brand's latest foundation offering nabs the top spot on this list. Every beauty editor I know who has tried this foundation won't shut up about it. It's definitely more of a medium coverage foundation, but I've definitely built it up to be a bit more full coverage. It blends out really seamlessly to look like a second skin and even provides a little bit of SPF coverage.

Not to mention the dynamic blend of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, squalane, vitamin B5, and caffeine that rounds out the skincare aspect of the formula. I've been using it for a while now and think it really does make a difference to use a foundation consistently that has skincare ingredients in it. My complexion just has a subtle glow to it that wasn't there before and I'm excited to see how it looks after using it more in the long term.