I've Never Been to Greece, But This Brand Makes Me Glow Like a Santorini Sunset

I have a lot of things on my bucket list, and going to Greece is one of them. Blame it on my fixation with ancient history or the fact that I've watched the cinematic masterpiece that is Mamma Mia! probably 50 times in my life, but I would love nothing more than to leave my responsibilities behind and relax on an island in the Mediterranean for a couple of months. 

Unfortunately, I haven't made it there yet, and to be honest, I don't see myself making it there for a while. To tide myself over until I'm finally able to book a plane ticket, I can turn on Mamma Mia! again or turn to one of my favorite skincare brands—Korres. 

There are a lot of reasons I love this Greek skincare brand. One of the top ones is that it cooperates with local farmers and uses traditional ingredients to create its effective formulas. These formulas target a variety of skin concerns. Do you struggle with dark spots and discoloration? Korres makes a few products that can help. Dryness and irritation? Yep. What about loss of firmness and elasticity? Definitely. Ahead, check out my favorite Korres products. Plus, see proof that they can make your skin glow like a Santorini sunset.

My Skin


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My skin is prone to dehydration and redness. The former is fairly easy to remedy with the right hydrating skincare products. The latter is more difficult. Thanks to a mild case of rosacea, my skin is pretty reactive. If I use the wrong product or even touch my skin too much or too aggressively, it will erupt in patchy redness. Not fun. Lately, though, I've been very happy with my skin. It's due, in large part, to the fact that I've been using Korres skincare products for a few weeks. In this picture, which I snapped the other day, I can tell that my cheeks are more plump and dewy, the lines and wrinkles around my brows have softened, and my redness has reduced significantly. Keep scrolling to see the exact products I've been using! 

My 8 Favorite Korres Skincare Products So Far

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Kaitlyn McLintock
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