I Can't Stop Buying Knitwear—Here Are the 25 Pieces I'm Eyeing Now

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@lefevrediary; Pictured: Dion Lee Cable Twist Maxi Dress ($790)

Boring sweaters, who? This fall, knitwear is taking on a whole new category that goes way beyond your standard pull-overs. Knit clothing had a strong presence on the fall 2020 runways, with designers like Dion Lee creating fresh knit dress silhouettes and Jacquemus's infamous knit bras. Think knit bra tops, sweater sets, knit bodysuits, knit skirts. You name it, there's a knitted version of it out there, and, surprise surprise, today I'm dedicating a space entirely for my favorites among them.

I don't know about you, but as soon as it started to feel like fall, I suddenly became low-key obsessed with knit clothing to the point where it's all I filled up my cart with. And considering all the fresh new micro-trends emerging this season like polo neck sweaters and tank and cardigan sets, can you even blame me for overboard a bit? If you're also feeling a desire to cozy up in cool knits this fall, then look no further to the below 25 pieces that are step above the rest.

This is just one of several polo-neck sweaters you're about to see, and I'm not even sorry about it.

Admit it—your sweatpants were starting to feel tired.

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Exactly the cool piece you were looking for to wear with jeans.

You can also style as a set with the coordinating knit skirt.

As the name suggests, the styling possibilities with this all-in-one sweater are endless.

There are plain sweaterdresses, and then there's this.

For my warm-weather gals who want to get on the knit trend (I'm looking at you, the West Coast and the South), this little skirt set will do.

The more I do research on cool knitwear, the more polo style sweaters I come across.

These have no business looking this cool.

Raise your hands if you're in the mood for this beautiful sweater set.

Even the tank alone is gorgeous.

What did I say about polo necks? Three's a trend.

A cardigan that's a step above the rest.

I'm also very into sweater sets (shocker) and think this tank would go great with the above cardigan.

Did I just find my new WFH uniform?

There are way too many good things going on here to focus on just one.

If you've seen this before it's probably because it's so good I can't get it off my mind, so I keep featuring it in my stories. (Sorry, not sorry).