Peloton's Kendall Toole Breaks Down Her Entire Self-Care-Focused Night Routine

It's no secret that we love a good morning routine. We've come to learn, however, that the rituals we do to wind down before bed are just as important. Whether you take 10 minutes or a few hours, it's precious time that you have set aside at the end of the day to take care of yourself. Our series Weekend Wind-Down highlights the nightly routines of the people we admire.


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Like many other people, I started using the Peloton app during quarantine when going to my usual group fitness classes became less and less of a possibility. The time that I carved out on my bike or for a strength or yoga class quickly turned into an indispensable part of my self-care routine. One of my favorite instructors is Kendall Toole, whose electrifying energy and infectious can-do attitude always push me to go farther than what I thought possible.

As it turns out, Toole uses her wind-down routine as a sacred time to help her get physically and mentally prepped to teach the next day. Keep scrolling to see her entire self-care-focused evening rituals. 

7 P.M.


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My wind-down routine starts relatively on the earlier side since I often teach my Peloton classes early the next day. To start, I’ll dim the lights down low (who doesn’t love a good dimmer moment?!) and light some candles to fully transition myself into evening mode. 


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Right now, my favorite scent to burn is P.F. Candle Co. in the scent Los Angeles, as it reminds me of home! It truly brings on such a zen mindset and also signals to my body to relax before I actually go to sleep.

7:10 P.M.

I’ll pour myself some kombucha in a wine glass as a mocktail to enjoy with dinner. I love a good cabernet, but when I need to wake up early the next morning to teach, this does the trick! My favorite brand is GT's. I’m drawn to its variety of flavors and right now, I find myself reaching toward Gingerberry. It's so good!

I’ll also make myself a quick, healthy dinner. Lately, I’ve been whipping up tacos galore using my favorite Siete Food's taco shells. They use real ingredients and are grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and are a staple in my kitchen.

8:15 P.M.


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After I'm done with dinner, I’ll dedicate the next hour and a half to really unwind. First, I burn some palo santo and spray some Smudged Cleanse + Protect spray in the air to set my intentions and let everything go.

I’ll also use this time to stretch, relax my muscles (the Hyperice massager has been my savior!), meditate, and get some quality time in with my little boy, my pup, Bowie. Sometimes, I’ll even throw on a feel-good sitcom in the background. The Office and Schitt’s Creek are some shows that I can’t get enough of at the moment!

9:45 P.M.


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This is when I’ll start my nighttime skincare routine. I love experimenting with new products, and currently, I’ve been loving Drunk Elephant, Virtue Labs, Muji, and Weleda. Oh, and don’t forget Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Cream, a cult classic for very good reasons!

My last step before shut-eye is writing in my gratitude journal. This practice enables me to reflect on the day and keeps me grounded if I'm feeling overwhelmed by anything happening the next day.

10:30 P.M.

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I turn off the lights, put on my silk sleep mask, kiss Bowie goodnight, and I’m ready to rest up for the day ahead.

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