The Self-Care Rituals That Help This Haircare Founder Wind Down

It's no secret that we love a good morning routine. We've come to learn, however, that the rituals we do to wind down before bed are just as important. Whether you take 10 minutes or a few hours, it's precious time that you have set aside at the end of the day to take care of yourself. Our series Weekend Wind-Down highlights the nightly routines of the people we admire.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Amber Fillerup Clark)

If the name Amber Fillerup Clark sounds familiar, there's a good chance you've come across her popular lifestyle blog, watched her hair tutorial or family vlog on YouTube, or maybe you're one of her 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

In the last few years, Clark has been working towards launching two haircare brands: Dae, clean haircare products made from botanicals inspired by her native Arizona, and BFB Hair, a line of clip-in extensions. 

We caught up with the beauty enterpreneur and mom of three to share some of her favorite self-care rituals that help her unwind and get ready for bed.

6:30 P.M.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Amber Fillerup Clark)

I always start my night by taking off my makeup. I do this before putting my kids to bed so I can have a fresh face for the rest of the evening. My skincare routine is super simple—I'm currently loving Farmacy's Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm and Clarins' Double Serum, which is a holy-grail product for me. 

7 P.M.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Amber Fillerup Clark)

Then, I'll put my kiddos to bed! We usually read books, tell stories, and it's usually lights out for them at 7:30 p.m. Afterwards, I'll head to the family room to snuggle my kitty while I watch a show or work on my laptop. I use the same cozy leopard Minky Couture blanket every night, and I'm obsessed with it!

9 P.M.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Amber Fillerup Clark)

After I watch a show, I go into my bedroom and light some incense. My current favorite is the jasmine scent from Whole Foods. Since I don't want to make a habit of sleeping by my phone, I'll charge it in a different room and set my alarm clock.

9:30 P.M.

Before I settle into bed, I'll brush my teeth, floss, use my tongue scraper, and finish off with mouthwash. And since haircare is so important to me, I always use a few drops of Dae's Prickly Pear Hair Oil at night. It's my secret to waking up with silky smooth strands in the morning. 

10 P.M.


(Image credit: Courtesy of Amber Fillerup Clark)

I recently swapped our lamps with red light bulbs because they help produce melatonin and help you wind down. My husband thought it was creepy at first, but it's actually so much easier to unwind with them on, so now he loves them!

The last thing I do before going to bed is to basically do a brain dump! I'll write out my schedule and to-do list for the next day, and any other thoughts or ideas. I always fall asleep to the Calm app, and my favorite is the deep sleep meditation by Tamara—I love her voice and I fall asleep so easily with it. 

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