Hilarious: Kate Hudson and Ellen DeGeneres Snapchat From Bed

If you’re not following Kate Hudson on Snapchat, you’re definitely missing out. Her account is highly entertaining, which is something Ellen DeGeneres definitely knows well. For a segment on her show, she had Kate Hudson show her the Snapchat ropes—while in a giant bed on the studio set, of course.

“Why do you Snapchat in bed so much?” DeGeneres asked, to which Hudson responded, “Because it’s the only time I really have to Snapchat.” She showed the TV host the right angles and lighting and went through several funny filters.

Hudson even took it one step further and came prepared with a custom filter just for the segment. “I called my friends at Snapchat, and I have an Ellen and Kate filter,” she said. The result? A pea-in-the-pod illustration featuring the pair’s faces. How cute is that? Watch the video below to see the entire segment.

Watch Kate Hudson teach Ellen DeGeneres her best Snapchat secrets!

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Opening Image: Getty Images

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