Karlie Kloss Says She Can "Conquer the World" in These Shoes

As much as we love a good pair of heels—our site is chock-full of styling tips and tricks for wearing them—some people are just more comfortable in a pair of flats. And that's more than okay! Karlie Kloss happens to be one of those people: She chatted with PeopleStyle about how flat shoes help give her confidence and dished her advice for tall girls. 

"I feel like I can conquer the world in a pair of flats," Kloss told PeopleStyle. “I think I would look like a crazy woman walking around NYC in heels since I’m 6'1 and 6’4 in heels. Plus, I take the subway, so I’d stand out even more!" 

Kloss has learned to see the upside of her height: "I love being super-tall because I can wear flats on the red carpet," she said. And for all of you tall ladies out there, Kloss has some advice to consider when choosing outfits: "If you’re really tall, I think you should own it," she told PeopleStyle. "I think it’s great to find what makes you different and accentuate it." We couldn't agree more. 

Scroll down to see how Karlie Kloss makes flats look stylish!

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