From Alexa Chung to the Olsens, the 14 Camera Poses You Need to Know

We’ve covered in depth the myriad of ways to take a great photo. From avoiding a low angle to standing up straight, the tips and tricks to looking top-notch on camera are ready for the taking. But there's always more to learn, right? That's why we turned to our favorite celebrities for some posing inspiration.

Women in the limelight spend a lot of time posing for photographs, so naturally, they're very well versed in the tricks of the trade. When it comes to women who seemingly never take a bad photo, we looked a bit closer and realized they have a small set of poses they always turn to. Enter: today’s slideshow. We gathered 14 celebrity poses for you to practice and perfect for your next event. Trust us—your Instagram feed will thank you. 

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Emily Greenberg.