Watch Karlie Kloss Teach You How to "Kloss Walk"

If a genie were to grant a fashion girl three wishes, we bet one of them would be to live like a supermodel for a day. While of course we know there's a lot more to modeling than the stereotypes, it definitely would be pretty cool to experience the fun aspects of the job, if only for a short while. I mean, who wouldn't want to try out traveling the globe and wearing beautiful designer clothing? 

Well, thanks to the folks over at Man Repeller, we're all one step closer to living that dream. In an interview with Karlie Kloss, Leandra Medine gave us a sneak peak into the model's life, and we learned a lot of new things about her. Fun fact: Before her career in fashion took off, she wanted to become a pediatrician! Oh, and the best part of the video? Karlie took the time to give Leandra some runway coaching and demonstrate the famous "Kloss walk."

Watch the video for yourself to learn how to execute the signature strut. Then, keep scrolling to shop some picks Karlie would love!


Man Repeller

What was your favorite part of the interview? Did you learn anything new about Kloss? Sound off in the comments below!

Opening Image: Splash News