I Wake Up at 6 A.M. Every Day—Here's Everything I Use to Look More Awake

The Lineup is a monthly series where we’re giving you an inside peek at the beauty lineups of cool fashion people, editors, makeup artists, hairstylists, and estheticians—all the people we trust the most. Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at all the can’t-live-without products that make their worlds go round.

The saying "beauty comes from within" may be a cliché at this point, but the recent wellness-meets-beauty wave has brought in a new context that's anything but basic. These days, ingestible supplements that feed our insides to reveal clearer skin, shinier hair, and a whole host of other improvements are proof that beauty does, indeed, start within. For the founder and CEO of The Nue Co., Jules Miller, this notion has been the driving force behind both her business and beauty philosophy as a whole.

"There is such a strong connection between gut health and the health of your skin. An imbalance in your gut can manifest so many skin issues, from increased sensitivity to concerns such as acne and perioral dermatitis," says Miller. She vouches for dietary supplements like daily prebiotics and probiotics to help restore the health of your gut but also stresses the importance of managing stress. "I like to make time each day to exercise, go for a walk with my puppy, or go for a drink with a friend—all things that help me to relax and unwind."

But it's not just supplements and fresh air that keep Miller looking and feeling her best. It's also her commitment to thoroughly vetting the skincare, makeup, and haircare products in her regimen. "I use limited products but like to invest thoughtfully, favoring brands that echo The Nue Co.’s ethos around removing harmful ingredients from our beauty routines," she says. To her, clean and effective products are great, but they're not everything, and she's got some sage advice for achieving an enviable glow. "I'm not a big believer in overly expensive beauty products or treatments, so I would say take a vacation! There's nothing like relaxing, eating good food, drinking good wine, laughing hard, and sleeping soundly through the night. It will take years off you," she says. Miller should know about that sleep bit—she's an early riser who wakes up each morning at 6 a.m.!

Keep scrolling to check out the thoughtfully curated lineup that helps her look alive and well from the inside out.



"Debloat+ is the first product I use every morning.  When I was in my mid-20s, I developed really bad IBS. I ended up being hospitalized a few times, and I was constantly bloated and uncomfortable. I was taking endless supplements to help deal with my bloating and cramps, which actually made them worse. Inspired by my grandfather, who was a chemist and lecturer at Cambridge University and would quite often create his own natural supplements, I started The Nue Co. to create a line of efficacious supplements merging innovative science and nature. Debloat+ has been essential for me in managing the symptoms of IBS but can be used by anyone looking for fast relief from bloating."

"I describe Skin Filter as 'ingestible retinol.' I wanted to create the type of supplement that would make a noticeable difference to the health of your skin, for it to be an ingestible one-a-day capsule, gentle, as well as effective. Skin Filter contains a blend of champagne grape seed, melon, vitamin C, and zinc and is designed to address multiple skin concerns in one go: blemishes, pigmentation, redness, and dull skin. It also contains beta-carotene, which is converted to vitamin A in our bodies when ingested and is responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy at the deepest layer. I take this along with Skin Hydrator ($45) every day."

"I use Avène’s Eau Thermale water spray in the morning to help refresh first thing. At the moment, I’m only cleansing my skin in the evenings to remove any makeup and pollution from the day. Overcleansing is one of the leading causes for the breakdown of your skin barrier and your skin’s natural microbiome, all of which results in issues such as dry skin, acne, and sensitivity."

"I’ve recently begun using this serum and can’t recommend it enough! It gives your skin a subtle glow, which has been very welcome after all the time spent indoors this year."

"The Pill has become the hero product for my skin. It’s the most effective way to layer acids and actives without sacrificing your skin barrier or increasing inflammation in the skin. It’s perfect for those who want results fast but tend to have sensitive or reactive skin. It contains AHAs, HA, anti-inflammatories, and vitamin C–rich ingredients that hydrate, brighten, tighten, and resurface the skin in one dose per day. In the summer, it’s all I use after cleansing. In the winter, I follow up with a light moisturizer."

"I use The Tool each morning after applying The Pill to help with lymphatic drainage and reduce any puffiness. Our version of a gua sha stone, The Tool, is made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, which has a cooling effect on the skin."

"Drunk Elephant has been an incredible force in the industry. It was among the first brands to move the image of clean beauty from home remedies or something found exclusively in a health food store to being a major player against the big names of the industry. This moisturizer is super rich yet lightweight on the skin. I use morning and evening to ensure a well-hydrated and healthy skin barrier."

"I wear our Functional Fragrance, an anti-stress supplement in the form of a unisex scent designed to help you reset during times of high stress. It was developed using data insight and research into the connection between cognitive function and the olfactory system. In addition to its proven benefits, it has a woody yet spicy and smoky scent that I completely love. We worked with Frank Voelkl, the creator of Le Labo’s Santal 33 ($192) and Glossier's You ($60), to create this scent. We have another anti-stress fragrance launching in the coming weeks, but this one has been created to replicate phytoncides, the molecular compounds created by trees that have proven benefits of relieving stress. The Nue Co. was the first wellness brand to produce anti-stress supplements in the form of fragrances, and it has been incredibly exciting to develop these products."


"I’ve long been an admirer of Gucci Westman, and her makeup range is second to none. This foundation stick gives smooth coverage throughout the day, without any caking or drying that is so common with other brands. Packed with antioxidants, it also helps control redness and even out my complexion, allowing for a natural look."

"I use this gel highlighter on my cheeks and brow bone to brighten my face. I really love that it is translucent, meaning it can be used anywhere without the need to blend. It’s perfect if you are time poor or want to have a minimal makeup routine."


"This oil mimics the oils found naturally in healthy hair, and it shows! It helps to manage any frizz or flyaways, particularly in unpredictable humidity (which was surprisingly frequent this summer in London!). My hair is smooth and more manageable without the greasy feeling you may get from other oils."

"This product is definitely worth the hype! I’ve noticed a huge difference in the health of my hair since I’ve begun using it. I prefer to use it in place of a conditioner twice a week."

"This serum helps with repairing any split ends and smells incredible! I like to work a small amount into clean, damp hair, combing through with my Baxter of California comb."