Joe Jonas Is Slaying at Life—the Musician Dishes on His Beauty Regimen and More


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By now, you’ve probably heard the name Jonas. Joe Jonas, along with two of his brothers, has had a robust music and entertainment career spanning more than 15 years. From the trio’s eponymous boy band to acting roles and other music projects, including Dnce, Jonas has been a success story. In a world where many child entertainers struggle with career longevity, it’s refreshing to see. 

At 33, Jonas has entered a new phase of life since marrying Sophie Turner a few years back and becoming a father. While Jonas has been able to achieve many accolades (a star dedication on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is the latest), he’s come to value aspects of self-care and grooming more than ever before. I had the chance to catch up with Jonas—clad in a plaid jacket with leather panels and a white ringer tee while sitting in a hotel room in Los Angeles, California—via Zoom to get the scoop on his current grooming and self-care routine, plus what's coming down the pipeline for him career-wise. Keep scrolling!

On His Beauty Regimen 

"I like to wake up and meditate, and I do a gratitude list for ‘me’ time. I’m trying to be more present. I’ve been reading more about ingredients in different products, and now in my 30s, I like the idea [of knowing] what I’m putting in or on my body—that’s essential and key,” he says. With this increased interest in all things beauty and self-care, it comes as no surprise that Jonas has taken on a new project. He’s become the face of Xeomin, an FDA-approved Botox alternative and smart toxin that treats moderate to severe frown lines. 

The process to get treated with Xeomin was quite simple for Jonas. "I had a chat with a healthcare professional before doing the treatment. [It helped] me feel confident in the brand. I did the treatment, and I really like the results," he explains. "I think it’s exciting to get older, but there are parts of that I don’t want to happen too quickly.” 

On Self-Care


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Aside from Xeomin, Jonas has really embraced various beauty and grooming products as a means of self-care. He tells me his routine these days consists of face masks paired with a lot of reality television. He likes to watch Alone—a survivalist reality show on the History channel—while using his favorite Bro Mask. "I love the clay nose masks that you peel off and then can see all the stuff that’s been living on you. I’m always willing to be hip to new stuff,” he says.

On top of that, Jonas has been getting life energy from Miami, a city he moved to about a year ago. "I’ve just been exploring new places and going to the beach and taking in some of the local flavors Miami has,” he says. He tells me Little River and Little Haiti are some of his favorite Miami neighborhoods to explore. 

On What’s Next

As far as music goes, Jonas wasn’t shy about letting me in on the Spotify songs he’s had on repeat lately. "There’s a new song by the band Syml called ‘Believer.’ [It’s] fantastic. It’s been in my head a lot. They also have a song called ‘Chariot’ as well that I really like [too],” he says. Other songs he’s been loving include "Another Life” by Naomi Sharon, "Leave Me Like This” by Skrillex and Bobby Raps, and "Carpenter” by Vagabon. 

Although Jonas has been bumping to music by other artists, the Jonas Brothers also have new music coming down the pipeline pretty soon. He says, "My brothers and I just announced that our album is coming out May 5. That’s been the most exciting thing because we’ve been holding on to so much content and music, and we’re excited to finally be able to start rolling that out.” Through our conversation, It’s been pretty clear Jonas has immense gratitude for how his life has played out thus far, and we’re glad to see it. "I appreciate that I’m still doing what I love after all these years,” he concludes.

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