These 10 Jewelry Trends Are No Longer Relevant (But These 10 Are)

In desperate need of a jewelry refresh? Then you've come to the right place. We've touched on fall 2020 jewelry trends a couple of times so far this season, but this time around, we wanted to tap the experts for their insider take on the matter. Designers, influencers, and CEOs of some of the most beloved jewelry brands amongst fashion girls are here to tell you all about the trends they are claiming are on the decline, in addition to the ones worth investing in this season. If you own or personally love any of the trends they are deeming less relevant, don't take it to heart—the focus here is more on the new designs and styles circulating for fall 2020 and less on the ones that are taking a seat on the back burner. 

Ahead, get ready to hear from the experts, shop from the best brands, and of course, peek at an affordable version of each. From cocktail rings to chunky chains, the jewelry trends—both fine and costume—ahead is sure to wow you enough to add at least a few pieces to cart. 


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Out: Minimalism

"This is a personal thing, but we are rarely ever into minimalism, so… If just one bracelet or necklace isn't looking quite right with your sweater, add more until it does."—Eliza Higgens, co-founder, Brinker & Eliza 

In: Chunky Pieces and Layering

"This fall, we are approaching jewelry the same way we're approaching fall dressing: we're taking advantage of the cooler weather by playing around with textures and layers (wear your beaded strandsdelicate chains, and pendant necklaces altogether), and leaning into chunky/cozy pieces (organic pearls, thick, braided gold chains, and sweater-happy hoops with funky charms)."—Eliza Higgens

Out: Understated or Delicate Jewelry

"Think single diamond strand necklaces, bracelets, and small earrings. On their own, they are easily lost on Zoom calls, photographs, and videos. With working from home still in full swing in most of the world, I suggest either laying all of these up for more impact or simply holding onto these little baubles until they can be seen in person. Right now, jewelry needs to be physically larger to have a presence."—Octavia Elizabeth 

"I never really embraced them, but I recommend storing your delicate gold necklaces for now in favor of something a little heftier."—Deborah Pagani

In: Classics With a Twist

"It doesn't get more classic than pearls and gold, but right now we are seeing a bit of a re-invention with this luxe combination. Foregoing the traditional perfectly round pearl for a one-of-a-kind Baroque pearl immediately takes this pair of earrings from ordinary to interesting, and the hammered yellow gold is just an added detail that I love."—Octavia Elizabeth  

Out: Skinny Gold Stacking Rings

"Time to store those thread-like gold stacking rings and replace them with a hero-like big, gold cocktail ring."—Jill Heller

In: Gold Cocktail Rings

"It's all about the standalone, big, gold cocktail ring. They're super empowering and the best conversation starter. Now that restrictions have loosened a bit and we're having a (socially distanced) drink or two with friends, a major gold ring is your best accessory. Bonus points if you wear it on your index finger! Double bonus if it's vintage."—Jill Heller

Out: One Color Scheme

"Using only one color for your jewels. Get out of the schemes and mix and match your gold and white gold jewels, play with your rings and earrings, and never be conventional. Follow your instinct."—Chiara Ferragni 

In: Multi-Purpose Jewelry

"Using your bracelets like a necklace, it's the ultimate smart way to customize your accessories depending on your look. For a casual look wear two Iconica bracelets and turn them into one necklace for a special occasion or a more bold look."—Chiara Ferragni 

Gold Collection rose-gold bracelets linked as a necklace.

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Out: Heavy Cuffs

"I would say heavy-cuff bracelets are on their way out. While a chunky chain moment is fun and trendy when you're getting more dressed up, everyday jewelry requires more comfort than ever these days. Now more than ever, women are wanting timeless jewelry that they can wear forever."—Erin Sachse of Eriness

In: Meaningful Statements

"A jewelry trend that is definitely 'in' right now is jewelry that makes a meaningful statement. While this concept has been ingrained in Eriness’ ethos since 2016, we did just launch our new Resist Collection that will support the ACLU, Color of Change, and Planned Parenthood."—Erin Sachse

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Out: Storing Jewelry in a Vault

"To keep jewelry in a vault is out for me. Since it was founded in Milan in 1967, the brand's prêt-à-porter jewels revolutionized the historically conservative field of jewelry. Pomellato is not an elitist jeweler. Our collections reflect the Italian art of living, where one does not make a distinction between everyday jewelry and ceremonial jewelry, between the jewels that one wears and those that one leaves in the vault. In Italy, beauty is not to be feared, it is to be revered!"—Sabina Belli, Global CEO, Pomellato 

In: Chunky Chains

"Chains are undoubtedly the must-have of the season. Over the past five decades, Pomellato has confirmed its mastery of chains, creating designs based on the simple link that are jewels in their own right. Today, the Gourmette chain from 1967 is at the heart of the Tango collection. Iconica is a stylish evolution of the simple link, but with a contemporary soul, an elegant balance of refined design, superb craftsmanship, and bold volumes or minimal but generously proportioned. A glimpse of an Iconica bracelet under the cuff of a sharply tailored women's blazer is the essence of effortless Milan chic."—Sabina Belli

"If ever there was a time to own an important gold chain, it's now and it's forever. An evergreen staple, I wear mine with everything from athleisure (a little too much of that, these days) to knitwear sets and slip dresses. They have a sexy undertone that is utilitarian and ultra-feminine at once. And don't forget, you want something weighty!"—Deborah Pagani 

Out: Dainty Diamond Letters

"We're trading in small diamond initials for bigger, more colorful enamel letters set in a signet ring silhouette or chunky chain-link bracelet."—Colette Steckel of Colette Jewelry 

In: Graphic Personalization

"Personalized jewelry has been one of our best selling categories since the onset of COVID, and while it's always been a mainstay in fine jewelry, I think it feels more relevant than ever. People want to wear their own initials, or the initials of a loved one, especially to represent the birth of a child. Our clients have been gravitating towards larger and more statement-making silhouettes, like the signet rings in our Gatsby collection. They have an heirloom-like quality and can be very empowering—a reminder of who you are and what is important to you."—Colette Steckel 

Out: Oversize Earrings

"We're setting our big earrings aside in favor of more casual, everyday options. You can still create a cool look (arguably even cooler) by artfully stacking huggies, studs, and ear cuffs."—Jenny Klatt, co-founder, Jemma Wynne 

In: Layering Charm Necklaces

"Layering charms and chains have always been at the core of Jemma Wynne styling, and they lend themselves quite well to today's athleisure craze. It's 'casual luxury' at its finest, and it's all about mixing different shapes, stones, and textures to create a look that is entirely personal to you. How you pick your charms may be studied, but the final look is nothing if not effortless. Talisman-like and packed with meaning, we're all about mixing our charms with vintage ones to amp up their significance."—Stephanie Wynne Lalin, co-founder, Jemma Wynne 

Out: Double-Finger Rings

"The double finger rings are a trend that is out. They prove difficult to wear when typing especially during those non-stop Zoom meetings and virtual jewelry presentations! The cocktail ring or larger width stacking rings are much more comfortable and trendsetting!"—Bea Bongiasca 

In: Color

"Enamel and color is the 'in' trend! With the pandemic stress and uncertainty many are opting and excited for color, something fresh and bright to uplift their mood and spirits."—Bea Bongiasca 

Out: Fancy Diamond Collars

"For us, it seems the really fancy diamond collars and more dramatic pieces are out. Our clients are choosing easy layer-able pieces and clean, bold, gold looks. With so many of us working from home, we're craving jewelry that is effortless, meaningful, and fun and it's got to look great with just about anything, including sweats. We love combing a customized charm necklace paired with a heavier chain, longer medallion necklaces for a layered look that will take you into 2021 and beyond."—Zoë Chicco

In: Symbolic Jewelry

"This fall, chunky gold chains, and personalized, symbolic jewelry—especially charms—are in. People are gravitating towards protective and transformative symbols like the evil eye, heart, butterfly, and elephant. They're also seeking out tiny initials and words that speak their truth or honor a loved one. They're having fun letting their jewelry do the talking! And our best-selling engraved mantra necklaces have been really popular as wearable reminders of your strength, wisdom, and worth. They celebrate love and gratitude in a time when we need it the most!"—Zoë Chicco