Jesinta Campbell Shares Her Game-Changing Fashion Moment

Jesinta Campbell had an amazing year of style in 2015. She stepped out in flawless look after flawless look and we couldn’t take our eyes off her. After a quick chat before the David Jones A/W 16 fashion launch, we had to ask when her style started to evolve. The Australian model is candid and refreshing when reflecting on the past and talking about when she really started to get into her fashion groove.

Keep scrolling to read about Jesinta’s game-changing fashion moment, her #1 pick for autumn, and what she’s wearing on Valentine’s Day.


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Who What Wear Australia: How has your personal style evolved?

Jesinta Campbell: It’s evolved so much! I wish everything prior to 2015 could be erased!

WWW: What happened in 2015?

JC: I got an allowance at David Jones [laughs]! No, I think what happens is, as you get older, you get more comfortable in your own skin—you know what works and what doesn’t work and you don’t get so caught up in trends. You get to know your body better and know what suits you. If what you’re wearing is forced, it doesn’t look good. That’s what I go by. If I put something on and I feel comfortable, then I know it’s going to look good.

WWW: What has been your game-changing fashion moment?

JC: I feel like I really started to get into my groove this exact time last year, A/W 15. I wore a blue Dion Lee dress and I feel like after that, I started making good fashion decisions.

WWW: If you only make one splurge for autumn, what should it be?

JC: A long coat. There’s an amazing floor length Camilla and Marc coat with gold buttons that I'd buy. Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner keep wearing them and it’s such a cool look. 

WWW: Who are your favourite Australian designers?

JC: At the moment (and by the way this is so hard, I’m only going to pick three), Camilla and Marc’s A/W 16 collection is next level and I’m obsessed. I love Christopher Esber too, and Bec & Bridge for everyday wear. I have a cute cut-out red dress and it has little gold stars all over it. It’s quite short, but I can wear it with tan strappy sandals, thigh-high boots, or biker boots. That’s three outfits right there with one dress!

WWW: What will you be wearing on Valentine’s Day?

JC: Oh! Um... I don’t know, lingerie? [Laughs] I’ll just go out to dinner and I’ll probably wear my black Ellery flares and an off-the-shoulder top.

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