This Jeans Trend Is Unlike Anything You've Seen Before 

If you are someone who lives your life in jeans, listen up, because there is a new denim trend circulating that is unlike anything we have seen before. This new trend is innovative, DIY-friendly, and most importantly, provocative. Thanks to the Instagrams of a few fashion insiders, jeans with cutout pockets are now officially a thing. Whether you want to reveal a little more of your tucked-in shirt through the negative space that was once a pocket, or should you choose to take the more risqué route and show off a little skin, this trend is one that will get people talking regardless of your particular styling choice. 

We'll admit, this trend may not be for everyone, and that's okay, but any fresh take on classic jeans is definitely worth a conversation. If you take a look around the Who What Wear site, it's no secret that we support denim in all shapes and sizes, so this hip-revealing, pocket-missing version deserves just as much attention as the rest, and by looking at the support it's already been given (including a shoppable option by Topshop), it's safe to say this could be the next big thing among the fashion masses. 

Scroll down to see this new jeans trend and to shop a pair for yourself! 



Show off a little more of your top through the cutouts on the hip. 

What do you think of this trend? Would you wear it? Let us know in the comments below! 

Opening Image: Collage Vintage 

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