The Most Flattering Jeans for Women With Wider Hips

I have my Latin mother to thank (or throttle, depending on my mood) for my wide hips. As much as I embrace the body I have, the truth is finding the right jeans to flatter those Shakira-feeling hips can often be tough. Like with all cherished fashion essentials, there’s an amount of trial, error, and research that goes into locating them. For me, the trying-on process starts out great—up the calves and past the thighs with not too much trouble—but once they get to my hips, I’m at a standstill. No jean button will come close to my belly button. And if I go up a few hip sizes, the jeans become baggy and saggy at the knees and legs.

Of course, I’m hardly alone in this journey, so I tapped an actual denim pro to help find the best jeans for women with big hips. Paige Creative Director Paige Adams-Geller had a few insights. “Balance out the hip line with a wider leg to help even out proportions,” she told us. “The Colette Crop Flare is super flattering on women with wider hips. As is the Noella Straight—a slightly relaxed fit on the waist that falls softly (and loosely) into a straight leg, which helps straighten the line of the hips giving the illusion of a straighter body.”

Other big hits among wide-hipped ladies? High-waisted and cropped styles with plenty of stretch. Additionally, wide-leg and boot-cut jeans create a balanced, almost hourglass look, and straight-leg styles provide a streamlined silhouette. Another handy tip: Watch for where fading is placed. It can actually make hips look bigger, so consider an allover dark wash instead.

Okay, ready to shop now? Scroll below for the most flattering jeans for women with wider hips.

Cropped Kick Flare

Straight Leg

Boot Cut

Wide Leg

Slim-Fit Straight Leg

Ultimately, the most important thing is to find jeans you feel confident and comfortable in. What are your favorite brands?