7 Jean Skirt Outfits We'll Be Wearing This Spring


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We love wearing jeans in pretty much every iteration, but there’s another kind of denim that makes an appearance in our wardrobes this time every year: jean skirts. From super-short miniskirts to midi styles, spring is when these make a comeback in a big way. You might think jean skirts can only be worn on the weekend (and for the teeny-tiny versions that’s probably true), but when styled the right way, the longer ones can even work for your casual Friday outfits.

To get some inspiration for how to wear the warm-weather staple, we looked to the street style scene. Fashion girls have been wearing them in cool and unexpected ways—why not layer them over tights, with a pair of “dad” sneakers, or even with thigh-high boots? Here, find out the freshest ways to pull off jean skirt outfits for spring, and then shop our curated pick of cool styles. After all, this is the denim trend that comes back around every year.