J.Crew Just Showcased Models Everyone Can Relate To

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When you think NYFW, you normally think crowded streets, endless chit chat, and of course, runway looks that make you weak in the knees. This season, J.Crew set out to add a new element of "normal" into the mix. Instead of casting the typical set of models, they cast an array of their friends, employees, and notable icons in the industry to display the newest collection. Before even having time to fawn over the new season, attendees walked in with looks on their faces as if they had just run into their long-lost best friend, and the reunion could not have been sweeter. 

Once the excitement of the unexpected dulled and people could hone in on the fresh set of styling tricks, neon pom pom bags, and tiered tulle confections, lightbulbs went off as seeing these clothes on body shapes of all kinds, people of all ages, and skin tones of all colors made this collection inherently ten times more wearable. Sequins skirts, pink satin shorts, and head-to-toe khaki are now looks any woman, period, can wear and know that it was designed with her unique persona in mind, because J.Crew just redefined diversity in the fashion industry, and they did it extremely well. 

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Opening Image: @jcrew

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