10 It Pieces That Are Already Defining 2022

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It-pieces 2022



Each year, fresh It pieces arrive on the fashion scene that are scooped up by all of the insiders. The year ahead is no exception. While we're still just getting started in 2022, there are already some major designer It items that have arrived at cult status and will define fashion this year. Here, I'm focusing on pieces that are having a moment but also have serious staying power.

Just because they're trending doesn't necessarily mean they're brand-new, so I've included the just-dropped designer pieces everyone's talking about and luxury heritage pieces that are now more popular than ever. Ahead are the 10 It pieces that are already defining fashion in 2022—from the designer sneakers that are nearly sold out everywhere to the platforms that are about to be huge to the iconic bag that's somehow cooler than ever.

Celine Triomphe Sunglasses

It-pieces 2022: Celine Triomphe sunglasses



Celine's Triomphe logo has won me over in all of its forms, from bags to belts to loafers, but I can't stop thinking about the sunglass version. Designed with an oval silhouette with the Triomphe motif on the arms, it's the perfect pair to wear every single day.

Prada Cleo Mini Bag

It-pieces 2022: Prada Cleo mini bag



In 2020, Prada released its Cleo bag to immediate success, and it has since solidified itself as a must-buy designer piece. Newer on the scene is the mini version, adding a smaller size to the Prada Cleo bag family that's the perfect piece to pair with an evening look.

Valentino Platforms

It-pieces 2022: Valentino platforms



Have you heard? Platforms are the shoe trend to own in 2022. While there are many designer versions on the market, I'm putting my money on this ankle-strap style from Valentino. 

Nensi Dojaka Pieces

As 2021 was the year Nensi Dojaka went viral, 2022 is the year the pieces will carve themselves out as absolute cult items. Finished with barely-there straps, sheer fabrics, and revealing silhouettes, they're the exact opposite of the sweatpants we've been living in.

Hermès Kelly Bag

It-pieces 2022: Hermès Kelly bag



It doesn't get more iconic than an Hermès Kelly bag—it just doesn't. That being said, the classic bag is trending now more than ever. My hunch is that fashion people are interested in investing in pieces they know they'll have in their closets forever.

The Attico Mules

It-pieces 2022: The Attico mules



The Attico's Devon mules have solidified themselves as key fashion-person shoes and are now being introduced in new colorways each season. I'm specifically a fan of the hot-pink satin variety, but you truly can't go wrong with these showstoppers in any version.

Rolex Watches

It-pieces 2022: Rolex watches



Similar to Hermès bags, Rolex watches are a timeless piece that will always be in style and will appreciate over time. Right now, we're seeing more and more fashion people investing in the iconic watches. The great news is that you can easily find brand-new versions or vintage styles, so the options are limitless.

Saint Laurent Toe-Cap Heels

It-pieces 2022: Saint Laurent toe-cap heels



Saint Laurent has been releasing new versions of its toe-cap heels for a few seasons now, and they seem to be getting cooler and cooler. Whether you're in the market for black patent or pink tweed, there's something for everyone.

The Row Everyday Bag

It-pieces 2022: The Row Everyday bag



This bag by The Row is named the "Everyday Bag" for a good reason. Its simple lines and sturdy leather make it the ultimate shoulder bag to wear every single day. The Row truly can do no wrong.

Khaite x Adidas Sneakers

It-pieces 2022: Khaite x Adidas sneakers



Speaking of brands that can do no wrong, Khaite is at the top of that list. While it has plenty of incredible pieces in its latest collection, the Adidas sneaker collab deserves special mention. The brand takes a classic shape from the sneaker house but reimagines it in tan and navy suede, making the shoes the subtle luxe upgrade every fashion person wants in their closet.