If You're Into Youth-Enhancing Skin Products, Experts Say These Work the Fastest

I’ll be the first to admit that I measure my skincare routine’s success on whether or not I’m sporting a youthful glow throughout my day. If you vibe with this sentiment, then you're going to want to take notes on what I’m about to say. So many youth-enhancing products out there claim to deliver fast results, but which ones actually do? Some products also err on the pricey side and you won’t know if it truly delivers the wizardry it claims to unless you suck it up and pay the price.



That's why I've decided to be of service in this department and ask the experts. After all, they would know best. I polled everyone from derms and cosmetic chemists to clean beauty brand founders, and the results are in. For the expert-approved skincare products that deliver youthful skin in record time, keep scrolling below.

1. Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Moisturizer

Carlos Charles, board-certified dermatologist and founder of 4.5.6. Skin, loves this product for retinol novices. "It's an excellent anti-aging product for beginners as it's gentle and less likely to cause irritation on the skin. It also contains niacinamide and vitamin B3. These help calm inflammation which can induce signs of aging."

2. Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

Angela Ubias, co-founder and CPO of clean beauty brand Common Heir, always has this mask handy for a quick brightening treatment. "This is a forever staple in my arsenal," she says. "The BHA and pink clay work wonders to refine pores and boost radiance. One use will leave you feeling fresh-faced, and for a longer-term solution, weekly use helps maintain those results."

3. Common Heir 10% Vitamin C Serum

For obvious reasons, Common Heir's 10% Vitamin C serum is a favorite youth-enhancing product of Ubias's. "In addition to it being gentle enough for daily use with a non-irritating form of vitamin C (THD), the added licorice and marshmallow root extracts make for a triple-threat that brightens, evens skin tone, and smoothes texture. It gives an instant glow and softening effect." 

4. Differin Gel

Surprisingly enough, this treatment gel is good for so much more than acne, according to Charles. "The active ingredient in it is a gentle retinoid known as Adapalene," Charles explains. "This is a great choice for those that want the strength of an over-the-counter retinoid, but also a product that's gentle enough for sensitive skin. It also is an excellent choice for those that have oily and acne-prone skin."

5. Acaderma Chrono Warp Restoring Essence

Cosmetic chemist and founder of Acaderma, Shuting Hu, PhD, designed this essence to work lightning-fast. "It uses a multi-pronged approach to dramatically diminish fine lines and tighten the skin. Edelweiss Stem Extract and an advanced retinol complex lift and firm the skin, boost collagen production, and inhibit the production of advanced glycation end products that lead to wrinkles and dullness."

6. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Anti-Aging Retinol Night Cream

For an overnight retinol treatment, Hu loves this one from RoC. "This cream works to quickly lift fine lines and wrinkles, firm and smooth the surface of your skin, and deliver a hydrating boost of moisture. The formula contains retinol, zinc, copper, and glycolic acid which work to deliver fast results with continued use."

7. Dermaflash Dermapore Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser 

For maximum skincare benefits, it's time to invest in a pore extractor and serum infuser. "To really reap all of the benefits of your skincare, especially serums or creams containing active ingredients like vitamin C or retinol, these actives need to be able to penetrate the skin," says Ubias. "Using this product in infuse mode is a game-changer to maximize those active benefits and refine pores. Bonus, if you have fine lines around the eyes, it's also great to infuse eye creams and gels."

8. Wilding Empress Stone

For Ubias, facial massage is absolutely the key to youthful skin overnight. "For instant (and I mean, instant) lift, definition, and de-puffing in the face (not to mention preventing and reducing fine lines) nothing compares to facial gua sha. I've been loving the Wilding Empress Stone because it’s so easy to hold and is versatile enough to use on your neck and décolletage." 

9. Osea Anti-Aging Sea Serum

Loaded with youth-boosting ingredients like niacinamide, vitamin C, ceramides, and other natural peptides, this serum is designed to give you that adolescent glow overnight.

10. Drunk Elephant C-Firma Fresh Day Serum

I can personally attest to the raw power of Drunk Elephant's C-Firma. By allowing the consumer to mix the solution themselves, it maximizes the potency of the serum. I used this serum for merely a few days and noticed an instant lift in my complexion.

11. IS Clinical Active Serum

IS Clinical's Active Serum remains a best-seller for the brand due to its lightning-fast results. The powerful retinol serum is great for both fine lines and even congested, acneic skin. 

12. True Botanicals Renew Pure Radiance Oil

There's a reason this luxe face oil is backed by celebs like Olivia Wilde and Laura Dern. We're not sure how True Botanicals does it, but even celebs report just how fast-acting it is and how it's an at-home facial in a bottle.

13. Alpyn Beauty Triple Vitamin C Brightening Bounce Cream Moisturizer

The name says it all for this one. Finally, a moisturizer with extra hydration and vitamin C. It's a cocktail for fast results.

14. Fleur & Bee Nectar of the C

This potent yet deeply hydrating serum is a daily protective staple that quickly reduces the appearance of dark spots and fine lines.

15. Babe Essentials Wrinkle No More Restorative Face Oil

Formulated specifically for mature skin, this restorative face oil is ultra-nourishing. It's packed with vitamin E, C, A, and D—all essential for glowing, youthful skin. Crafted by a mother-daughter duo in Haiti, this oil is made with natural, locally sourced ingredients to promote a megawatt complexion in record time.

16. EltaMD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

Listen, if you haven't heard it enough times already, don't skimp on sunscreen. EltaMD's SPF 46 is a personal favorite of mine, and it just so happens it's also Jacqueline Lozano's—an L.A. esthetician who specializes in holistic skincare. Lozano's PSA is "the best anti-aging and preventative product is sunscreen. It can prevent your skin from further damage and help to give your skin the protection to recuperate from damage that has already occurred, particularly for hyperpigmentation."  

17. Naturium Mandelic Topical Acid

According to Lozano, when in doubt, go for an overnight treatment. They work to brighten and resurface your skin's deeper layers while you sleep. "Naturium's Mandelic Topical Acid treatment will help with cellular renewal which leads to firmer, smoother, and younger-looking skin!" 

18. Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Is this eye cream extremely pricey? Yes. But, is it worth it? According to Lozano, also yes. "This is one of the best eye creams I have ever used," she says. "It softens the lines around the eyes, plumps, and hydrates. Under-eye circles just disappear and you look very well rested."