15 Initial Necklaces That Won't Break Bank

Growing up, we were all victims of some questionable trends, and one that we all seemed to have was initial necklaces. Along with those infamous puka necklaces, who didn't want to decorate their outfits with their initial? Needless to say, these necklaces were extremely popular way back when, but in a twist of fate—and much to our excitement—they're getting popular once again, together with scrunchies, tie-dye, and even colorful hair clips.

Even Meghan Markle wore an initial necklace, back when she was still dating Prince Harry. Sure, she hasn't been spotted with scrunchies, colorful hair clips, or tie-dye ensembles, but you never know. That being said, we totally understand if you're eyeing a few initial necklaces now that the trend has started to trickle back into the mainstream. Maybe you want to give one as a gift to a loved one or just add to your ever-growing collection of necklaces. Whatever the reason, it's a piece you'll surely use for years to come. Of course, when you spot a hefty price tag on any trend, who could blame you for reconsidering whether you really need it. Well, not to worry today. We've put together 15 affordable initial necklaces (as in under $200) that you won’t feel guilty about buying.

From classic round pendant versions to chokers and even subtler artistic choices, there's a piece that will make your past self and your bank account more than proud.

If you want a little shine, this one is for you. 

The threaded Y chain takes this initial necklace to the necklace level. 

Choose a gothic font to keep things interesting. 

This one has a lovely rose pendant to keep your initial company. 

An artistic take to the classic initial necklace. 

Instead of writing your whole name, opt for your initials with this personalized necklace.

Switch things up with a rectangular pendant instead of the typical circular one. 

Kate Spade's got you covered from A to Z.

Nobody will guess this one was under $20. 

Decide between a 16-inch or an 18-inch chain for this chic initial necklace.

This diamond pendant adds the right amount of sparkle. 

Who said the choker trend was dead? 

Next up: These monogrammed items are also quite the stunners. 

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