5 Beauty People Share Their Holy-Grail Ingredient for Unbelievably Shiny Hair

Have you ever noticed how some people's hair always seems to catch the light in just the right way? Whether they always happen to stumble into good lighting or happen to have an angelic glow to them, ultra-shiny hair is one of the features I tend to notice first about a person. Shiny hair whispers one's self-care practices rather than announces them. You assume that whoever it is sporting that glorious mane probably takes care of it, dedicating extra time to its upkeep. However, attaining effortlessly shiny hair doesn't have to be the stuff of myths or pure circumstance!

So I decided to ask my team which of their go-to products, from natural bonding oils to high-shine hair sprays, give their locks endless shine. Keep reading to learn about the holy-grail ingredients that have a permanent place on these beauty lovers' vanities.

Maya Thomas, Assistant Beauty Editor



In the two years I've proudly worn my natural 4c hair (I transitioned from relaxed hair after nearly 11 years), I've used Aunt Jackie's products religiously. This one, the Curl La La Defining Curl Custard, does an amazing job at keeping my curls moisturized, bouncy, and shiny without any flaking or pesky residue. It's also great for twist-outs and other natural hairstyles that depend on more hold from products.

I'm a big believer in using natural oils to keep your hair and scalp as healthy as they can be. As someone who suffers from dry, dull hair the second winter descends, I find myself reaching for this 7 Oil Blend Hair & Scalp Oil from Carol's Daughter whenever my hair needs a little pick-me-up without the extra work of a full haircare routine. I dab a little onto my fingers and brush it through my hair, making sure to pay extra attention to the roots and wherever else I need it the most.

Katie Berohn, Beauty Editor



"Honestly, for the most reflectively shiny hair, getting a gloss is your best bet. Think of a hair gloss the same way you would think of a topcoat on your manicure—it coats your hair in a shiny finish that lasts a few washes. I recently used this gloss on my hair, and after letting it sink in and shampooing it out, I found that my hair had obtained a level of shine I truly didn't think was possible."

"Left to its own devices, my hair has tons of flyaways, and it's certainly not very shiny. I always use a few drops of this oil before I blow-dry my hair or use heat, and it pays off immensely. My hair literally transforms before my eyes, becoming silky, smooth, and shiny."

"I'm a major fan of slicking back my hair, and this hair spray holds my hair in place while also imparting it with glassy shine. It doesn't give you crunchy helmet hair, though, and that might be my favorite part."

Erin Jahns, Beauty Director

"I've tried practically every shampoo and conditioner under the sun, and Oribe's iconic Gold Lust collection is still the dynamic duo I can't quit. It gives me the most incomparable softness and shine—a major feat considering I bleach the eff out of my hair. (Perpetual dullness and dryness are major side effects.) From a special Bio-Restorative Complex that contains ingredients like biotin and plant-based collagen to Mediterranean cypress extract for next-level moisture, it just can't be beaten."

"This stuff is so expensive, but it's probably the most important hair product I own, especially when it comes to its next-level shine and repair magic. (Plus, a little goes a long way—I've had the same tub for about two years!) I would buy it for the heavenly scent alone, so the fact that it can truly transform dry, damage-ravaged hair feels like three juicy cherries on top. Once a week or so, I use it to saturate my dry strands, concentrating my application on the ends and mid-lengths, before pulling it all back into a sleek, slicked-back style. Your hair, again, will smell truly delicious, and no one will know your chic style is actually a damage-proofing plan stealthily at play. After you rinse it out and shampoo and condition your hair as normal, you'll be in awe of how much shinier, softer, and all-around healthier your strands look and feel."

"Retro packaging aside (I'm a sucker for anything that drips vintage inspiration), this is my absolute favorite hair oil when I want to add shine and softness to my style after the fact. It's lightweight—never greasy—and it makes your hair shimmer with shine. I can't get enough of it."

Kaitlyn McLintock, Associate Beauty Editor

"My dry, chemical-processed hair needs all the help it can get with shine, which is why I've been using shine-enhancing products for years. This one is my OG go-to. I've been using it for about four or five years, and it never fails to add instant luster to my strands. I love that it's lightweight and isn't sticky, and even though it comes in a tiny bottle, a little goes a long way."

"I only recently tried this product, but I've been reaching for it more and more as time goes on. The fine mist leaves a light-reflective coating on my hair without crunchiness or stickiness. It's so easy to apply throughout my mid-lengths and ends before running out the door. Whenever I use it, I'm left with a sleek, glossy finish, and I'm obsessed."

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

"This is one of the best conditioners for curls that I've ever used! It leaves my strands so soft, shiny, and springy after each use. It's great for thicker hair types, as it adds a lot of extra hydration with coconut and marula oil."

"I use this when I wear my hair curly and before I heat-style. It leaves my hair so smooth and shiny. Plus, it tames flyaways for the perfect frizz-free style."