How 5 Fashion Editors Style Kendall Jenner's Favorite Sneakers

When we think about Kendall Jenner's style, a few go-to pieces always come to mind: bomber jackets, leggings, and sneakers, of course. It's seriously difficult to imagine Kendall without her lust-worthy sneaker collection. So signature! While she wears a variety of cool trainers, there's actually one specific pair she wears repeatedly—her Kenneth Cole Kam sneakers. She's worn these $120 all-white kicks just about everywhere and with every type of outfit—with a interesting matching set, a jeggings look, and so on. We adore how versatile they are—so much so that we decided to test out the sneakers for ourselves. We rounded up five of our editors to showcase how they would incorporate their personal style to pull off Kendall's favorite shoes

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Opening Image: StarTracks Photo