How To Wear Metallics: A Complete Guide

Of all the current trends that have the ability to instantly turn an outfit from drab to fab, metallics might be the best. And (to us, at least) it’s refreshing to know that in a land of Birkenstock sandals and boyfriend jeans, we ladies are still allowed to be just a wee bit sparkly.

But, like anything, you can have too much of a good thing—that’s why metallics are best left to pieces that complement your outfit, not the main essentials. While a skirt or jacket in a metallic sheen can sometimes make a powerful statement, more often than not it comes across as over the top. Instead, we think a splash of silver in a clutch, shoe, or belt is the most impactful way to use the trend to your advantage.

Scroll down for five stylish ways to rock metallic this season, and 25 chic wardrobe additions to shop now!