Keyhole Underwear Is the Newest Lingerie Trend


(Image credit: @forloveandlemons)

We know… The amount of underwear trends that have bubbled up over the past couple months is shocking to us, too. From cage underwear to a trend that’s complicated but also very chic, a mere week later and we’ve already spotted the newest style brands are all supporting. Let us introduce you to keyhole underwear, the trend brands like For Love & Lemons and Le Petit Trou are designing. I first caught onto the style when I discovered Le Petit Trou, a Poland-based brand whose name translates to “the small hole” in French. Since then, I’ve seen several other lingerie lines hop on the cutout design.

Even if you’re not into the style for your personal lingerie collection, it’s still worth a scroll to check out the style and see how brands are making the bizarre idea look wearable and alluring. Keep reading to shop the latest underwear trend making its way into the lingerie world.

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