How to Wear Jeans in the Summer

It's a scorching 80 degrees in the heart of summertime. You're not in the mood to wear a dress or a skirt (perhaps because it's a tad bit too windy), and you're not feeling shorts, either. All you want to put on is your favorite pair of denim pants, but you're afraid it might be too hot, which leaves you asking yourself, "How do I wear jeans in the summer?"

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make them work, even during the hottest of days. You just have to keep a few things in mind when picking the perfect pair—for example, what top you decide to wear with your jeans, the style and cut of the pants (pick loose-fitting over tight skinnies), and the weight of the fabric (the lighter the material, the better).

Need some visuals for the above tips? Below, we've rounded up 10 outfits that perfectly demonstrate how to wear jeans in the summer. Consider this your ultimate denim how-to guide.


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Not sure how to wear jeans in the summer? Pair the denim with a lightweight, billowy blouse.


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Or a deconstructed one. This look is both office- and errand-friendly, don't you think?


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Yes, you can still rock denim on denim in the summer. The trick is to choose a more summer-friendly jean top like the strapless one shown above.


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A foolproof summer outfit formula? A pair of jeans and a crisp white shirt. Add in a lightweight, kimono-style jacket for a fashion-forward, summer-friendly look.


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Swap out your dark-hued bottoms for a pair of white jeans. The lighter wash won't attract as much heat as the darker version, making it an ideal choice for a super-sunny summer day.


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Test out capri jeans—yes, we're serious—because the pant style is slowly but surely making a comeback. Pair with an oversize blazer and pumps for an eye-catching ensemble.


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Rather than opting for a pair of tight-fitting skinnies, consider putting on a pair of oversize jeans. The looser style, much like the distressed version, allows for that much-needed airflow.


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Another jean style that's your best friend come summertime? The distressed iteration. Why, you may ask? Simple. Because the holes naturally allow for that much-needed ventilation.


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Pick a pair made of lighter fabric, such as these chambray-like jean trousers.


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How about a dress-and-jeans pairing? The layered look is as stylish as it is practical for a warm summer day.

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