How to Walk Like a Model, in 4 Easy Steps

Have you ever been curious about how you, too, can walk like a model, and make the everyday streets your own personal runway? Well, now it's easier than ever strut in a way Tyra Bank would approve of wholeheartedly because the social media accounts of the true experts on the topic (ahem, the models, of course) act as the ultimate teacher. Sure, it can be hard to start your search, but we—as we typically tend to do—did all the hard work for you (you're welcome in advance).

We analyzed the accounts (and thus, walks) of the best in the business to find easy-to-follow tips and tricks on exactly how to stride like a model with ease, so now's the time to get out your journal and take some detailed notes. The method we used for our investigation? We looked for common walking patterns among the top in the industry, like maintaining good posture (a real sign of confidence, too), keeping a smooth, easy pace, and holding your head up high (yes, it makes all the difference). While the thought of walking like a model may seem far out of reach, as it turns out, it's actually much easier to emulate than you initially thought.

That's right, you'll be so happy to know that all it takes to walk like a runway veteran is four super-simple steps (yes, pun intended) that don't require much effort at all. Ahead, we break down exactly how to walk like a model, according to some of our favorites in the business, including Miranda Kerr, 16-year-old Kaia Gerber, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner. So next time you leave your house or apartment, remember these tips and make the streets your own personal catwalk. You'll have people stopping in their tracks and possibly even snapping a photo, too.