How to Style This Popular 2017 Denim Trend

For a while, it seemed like not only were cropped jeans completely out of style, but flare jeans were out as well. So when we saw the rise of cropped flare jeans in 2017, we were a bit surprised. The style you likely conditioned yourself to hate back in the day is now one of the most popular denim trends of 2017, and we want to make sure you know how to style cropped flare jeans with the utmost ease.

How do we plan to do that, you ask? By turning to some of the most reputable fashion bloggers in the industry, of course. From Julie Sariñana to Kellie Brown, these girls know how to style cropped flare jeans better than anyone we know. If anything, let the looks ahead lend you a helping hand the next time you're in dire need of a cool outfit idea because these chic ensembles are sure to win a place in your heart.

Go on to find out how to style cropped flare jeans and to shop each blogger's look in full.