Have Enough Basics? These Affordable Anti-Basics Will Light Up Your Life

Having a wardrobe full of basics is hardly a problem. It means you'll always have something to wear because much of what you own goes with everything. But sometimes you just want something fun, colorful, and, well, non-basic to wear with your multitude of tees, jeans, leggings, and sensible shoes. That's where we come in.

We combed the internet for fun fashion items to wear with all of your favorite basics, and our search was fruitful, to say the least. And when you're not going to wear said items as much as your basics, why spend a ton? So in addition to being fun, these 29 items are also quite affordable. Keep scrolling if you're ready to revamp your wardrobe on the cheap.

Your other kitten heels will be jealous of these.

You probably don't own sneakers this color, but maybe you should.

Polka dots are destined to be even more popular than usual this spring.

Currently contemplating all the outfits to wear with these.

Might as well have fun with the baseball-hat trend.

Even if you're not into flip-flops, you'll be into these.

These are as versatile as most of your basics.

Further proof that Reformation excels at cool prints.

Raffia is the big summer accessory trend to look forward to.

Because you probably have enough "boring" wrap dresses.

I have some guesses as to which celeb will wear this first.

This has to be one of the prettiest slip skirts on Nordstrom.

This genius collab is selling out (for obvious reasons).

For when you want to take a break from your basic black bags.

Tie-dyes this season are a little more subtle than they were last year.

Spring's answer to winter's black-faux leather trend.

A lot of trend for not a lot of money.

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