Elsa Hosk Told Me How to Look Photogenic in 3 Easy Steps

Ahead of the 2019 Revolve Awards, I sat down with Elsa Hosk who was nominated for model of the year. As one of the biggest faces in modeling, it’s no surprise that she earned another nomination at Revolve’s third award show.

Hosk regularly travels with Revolve on its trips around the globe. She’s a veteran behind the camera but says that it has been on these getaways that she has really honed her skills crafting photos for Instagram. I’m traditionally not an influencer,” Hosk explains, "so it's really interesting for me to meet people that do that as a living, and I've learned a lot from everybody. It's such a different vibe than a traditional modeling job where you just go in and you do a shoot and you have creative and then you leave.”

She admits that on the Revolve trips, she is regularly asking influencers to share their tips for how to shoot the Instagram-perfect photo and has and picked up some key tricks along the way. Ahead, discover Hosk’s three easy steps for always looking photogenic.

1. Great lighting is essential.

"You have to find good light,” Hosk explains, emphasizing that lighting is the most important step in taking an amazing photo. Whether it’s natural light or a flash, it’s really what can transform an okay photo into a perfect outfit shot.

2. Avoid staged poses.

“I try to be kind of in the moment and not think about it so much,” Hosk says. “People like when it's real.” Instead of snapping shots that are too staged, she prefers to take photos that are spontaneous and in the moment since her audience connects with those most.

3. When in doubt, wear something colorful.

Don’t underestimate the power of bold shades. “I find that my Instagrams do the best when I wear something colorful,” Hosk tells Who What Wear. While she still wears black and neutral shades, it’s the pops of color that really resonate on Instagram.