10 Genius Ways to Knot a Basic Shirt



Tying a knot in your shirt (and wrapping it around your waist) is one of the oldest styling tricks in the book. But its cult-classic status doesn't mean it is actually the easiest thing to pull off (if you've ever knotted your shirt only to have the entire thing unravel after taking three steps, you know what we mean here). That said—the following 10 fashion girls have figured out just how to knot a shirt, and provided some ace spring fashion inspiration in the process.

The biggest tip? Go for a shirt that's bigger than your normal size. The extra room will give you extra fabric to play with and allow you to customize just how body-hugging the fit ends up being. Choosing a style with a little bit of texture—think linen blends and thicker cottons over silks and modals—can make things a bit easier as well, as these fabrics will give your knot a bit of grip. Also, don't be afraid to bring in some reinforcements: A well-placed rubber band will keep your knot in place all day long.

So now that you're armed with the basics, read on to discover some seriously genius ways to knot a shirt.

Tied Tee

A tied-up tee is an easy way to dress down your sharpest suits and add a bit of visual interest to even the most basic of outfits. That said, it's not always the easiest to pull off—especially if you're new to the knotting game. The one cardinal rule to follow? Twist your shirt tight before tying it into a knot—that will give you a bit of control before you secure the knot. If you still can't get it to stay, or if you're tying an already cropped style, grab a rubber band and secure it like you would a bun for a shape that won't budge.

This logo will distort perfectly when knotted up.

A stretchy fabric like this one will help you tie tighter knots. 

Give this T-shirt a bit of shape by knotting it just above your waistband. 

Because we can't all have vintage Hard Rock tees in our collection.

Knotted Button-Downs 

A knotted shirt thrown over a slip skirt, a swimsuit, or pants is always a good idea. The shirttails give you much more room to tie a secure knot, and the look is infinitely versatile. For a breezy holiday vibe, don't do up any of the buttons. Tuck the knot back under your shirt for a more pulled-together vibe (simply bundle the tails up with a rubber band, and tuck), or throw your shirt on backward before tying it for a really outside-the-box look. The styles below will work with button-downs in really any fabric, but an easy rule of thumb to follow is the crisper the fabric (think poplin or thick cotton), the neater the ultimate result will be. 

Sweet dots will contrast nicely when tied over a silky slip skirt. 

Tie this over a swimsuit and you'll be good to go all summer long.

This shirt has the perfect shape for a retro-style knot. 

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A shirt with buttons down the back and the front will give you endless tying options. 

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