9 Cute Sneaker Outfits That Actually Look Dressed Up


Collage Vintage

You slip on sneakers when you're heading out on a hike or when you're running to the grocery store. But these days, sneakers aren't relegated to off-duty dressing. In many offices, they've earned HR's stamp of approval, and even for date night, sneakers help create the casual-chic aesthetic that many of us strive to achieve. And with the influx of high-end and statement sneakers now on the market, it's easy to find a pair that works with some of the fancier pieces in your wardrobe.

In fact, sneakers might just be your secret weapon for pulling off fancy dressing for all occasions. Style polished trousers or a formal dress with sneakers, and while your look is dressed up, it's much more accessible (not to mention comfortable) than when heels are involved. So if you're feeling inspired to wear your sneakers in new ways, we've got you covered. Below we're offering up a few ideas and tips for dressing up your favorite casual kicks. Now you just need to pick your preferred sneakers and go for it.

Read on for inspiration, and shop a few of our favorite sneaker styles.