Everything to Buy If You Want to Look Like You, But Better

I've recently been on the shopping hunt for things that feel like me, but are cooler than me. That look like me, but are more exciting than my normal style. Basically, things that help me look like who I "am" (whatever that means), but better. After much searching, I have come to find that looking like a better version of yourself without changing too much is something that can actually be attained. 

To preface, this story is not for you if you want a full wardrobe makeover or are ready to abandon your true style identity as a whole. Instead, it's here to spruce up and polish the pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Ahead, you'll read up on seven easy ways you can become more stylish without letting go of who you really are. There's no shame in wanting to better yourself in any capacity, whether it be mentally, physically, or even in the style department. So if you've been feeling like your overall aesthetic is a bit drab, these seven items will make you feel like a better version of yourself in no time. 

Wear-With-Everything Sandals

No matter what you're wearing, if you don't have the proper shoes to top it all off, your look will inevitably fall short. Even if you're sporting your favorite outfit of all time, slipping into footwear that doesn't measure up to the rest of your look will have you feeling anything but confident. Instead, invest in a pair of wear-with-everything strappy sandals that will make everything from jeans to a summer dress feel perfectly elevated. 

Pendant Necklace

Tons of jewelry is not for everyone, but a little something fine will give your look the finishing touch I'm sure you sometimes feel is missing. Since pendant necklaces are extremely non-invasive compared to a ring or a statement hoop earring, we feel they are the perfect jewelry piece to throw on right as you're walking out the door. 

Do you have a drawer full of jeans but feel like you only wear one to two pairs? That's probably because you are settling on styles that don't fit you as well as they could. It definitely takes time and maybe even some tailoring, but at the end of the day, the gruesome search is always worth it. Owning those jeans that fit you like a glove will make you feel like the best version of yourself in seconds flat. 

Nice Lingerie

Here's a little secret: Wearing nice lingerie underneath all of our clothes (or at least sometimes) will make you feel like a million bucks no matter what kind of day you're having. Trust me, I tried it for a week straight. Buying pretty lingerie to wear just for you is something every woman should test out sooner rather than later because the payoff is worth every penny. 

A Bag That Pops

We talk a lot about the classic handbag here at Who What Wear, but we also love a unique carryall to really take your outfit to the next level. It's important to make sure this handbag has just the right amount of pop—it stands out on its own but also enhances your overall look. If you're confused, the selection ahead should set you straight. 

Surely you have a white T-shirt, but how white even is that tee at this moment in time? Unless you just bought one a few months ago, chances are it's really been through the wringer. Do yourself a favor and buy a new white T-shirt ASAP. You'll finally be excited to wear said shirt as opposed to slightly embarrassed. 

Structured Blazer

Last but not least, you need a blazer. No matter what style type you identify as, if any, a blazer is that one jacket that can take you from frumpy to polished with minimal effort. They are comfortable, elevated, and can be worn both casually and professionally. To be honest, I can't think of a more perfect outerwear piece.