The Photogenic Tricks Every Over-30 Celeb Knows

It's easy to attribute the fact that celebrities seem to always look good in photos to their hair and makeup teams and the racks of designer clothes they encounter on a regular basis, but it's much more than that. Celebrities are photographed so often that it's only natural they've picked up a few tricks along the way—especially the over-30 set.

Many celebrities in their 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond have been famous for years, which translates to countless red carpets, photo shoots, and, yes, even selfies. It goes without saying that they're photo-taking pros by now. And we've been studying the photos of celebs over age 30 in hopes of finding out exactly what those photogenic tricks are. Our research proved to be fruitful, as there are seven, in particular, that we see again and again, and anyone who takes pictures (i.e. all of us) can learn from them.

From the position that's always flattering to the key to looking less awkward when taking a photograph by yourself, read on to find out which photogenic secrets over-30 celebs swear by.


Trick #1: Make It About the Outfit
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As Kate Bosworth expertly shows with her over-the-shoulder shot, posing in a way that subtly shows off your outfit's best feature pretty much guarantees that your photo will be unique and memorable.


Trick #2: Do Something With Your Hands
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If you look at photos of Tracee Ellis Ross, you'll notice that she always either has something in her hands or has them casually on her hips on in her pockets, which is an excellent way to ensure your photos aren't awkward.


Trick #3: Pay Attention to Posture
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Nicole Kidman is tall to begin with at 5'11", but she manages to make herself look even more statuesque by always keeping her back straight and her shoulders back.


Trick #4: Look Away From the Camera
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You don't always have to look the camera dead-on to take a great photo. In fact, as Kate Middleton proves, looking away comes across as more natural and candid, if that's what you're going for.


Trick #5: Display Confidence
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It's pretty much impossible to feel confident every single time a camera is pointed in your direction (especially when your name isn't Jennifer Lopez), but follow the lead of J.Lo and at least think confident thoughts—it'll pay off.


Trick #6: Learn Your Best Angle
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Depending on who you talk to, you've probably heard that you should tilt your head down and to the side (which happens to be Gal Gadot's best angle) or up into the light, etc., but the best thing to do is study photos of yourself to figure out what your best angle is in relation to any given camera placement. 


Trick #7: Put One Foot in Front of the Other
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You've probably noticed that many celebrities often pose with one foot forward, as Kirsten Dunst recently demonstrated. The reason? It's a tried-and-true flattering technique that isn't too obvious. The stance might feel awkward, but it definitely doesn't look as awkward as it feels.

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