I Got My Hair to Grow 4 Inches in 6 Months—Here's How I Gamed the System

Hair growth tips



For the majority of my life, I had hair that went past my waist. My hair became part of my identity—I was known for having extremely long hair, and I loved my hair. I’ve cut it off a couple of times and always let it grow back, but in the summer of 2020, I wanted a major change, so I chopped it into a bob. Since then, I’ve been trying to grow it back, but it just hasn’t been growing as fast as I’d like it to thanks to a few too many “maintenance” haircuts and one extremely damaging round of highlights before I took my hair dark. 

After my last haircut in December, I decided to get serious about growing my hair out again. Hair typically grows about six inches a year, or half an inch per month. I am an impatient person, so I tried every hack in the book to get my hair to grow a little bit faster than that, and now that it’s been six months since my last haircut, I can see the results. Here’s every product that I used to intentionally promote my hair growth. Keep reading to find out what worked for me and why.

Hair growth tips


Hair growth tips



The Supplements

If I had to pick a single thing that promoted my hair growth the most, it would probably be these Nutrafol supplements. I began taking them religiously every day in early March, and not only do I think they've helped accelerate my hair-growth journey, but also my hair has become noticeably stronger.

Of course, this is likely a combination of many of the things I've been putting on my hair, but Nutrafol has science and clinical studies backing its efficacy for longer, thicker hair. Compared to any time I've grown my hair out in the past, I noticed less breakage and split ends, even six months after my last haircut. Nutrafol has a patented Synergen Complex with ingredients like ashwagandha, marine collagen peptides, vitamin E, and more that help target hair growth enemies like stress and poor nutrition to ensure your hair has the best possible environment to grow in.  

Call me a TikTok influencer, but I started putting this in my smoothies last year, and I've noticed a vast improvement in my skin, nails, and, of course, hair health. It's packed with plants, herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, which not only improve immune function but also lead to healthier and stronger hair, nails, and skin. 

The Masks & Treatments

Hair color can severely damage your hair. I've been changing up my hair color for years—I used to highlight it, and now I dye it a few shades darker than my natural color. I love this color on me, but it can fade quickly and get warmer tones that I'm not crazy about if I'm not careful. I use this mask to tone down my hair and keep it a cool-toned color when I need it, which helps prolong the time between hair appointments, which in turn keeps my hair healthier overall. 

As far as traditional hair masks to impart tons of moisture go, this is my forever favorite. It smells absolutely heavenly—like coconut, musk, toffee, gardenia, and citrus—and feels incredibly rich and luxe on hair. This mask nourishes hair and gives it a major boost of hydration. 

I'm obsessed with how much of a difference K18's leave-in mask makes on my hair. After using it, my hair immediately looks healthier and feels stronger. It's proven to clinically reverse damage thanks to peptide-replenishing technology. It's perfect for anyone who regularly uses bleach, hair color, chemical services, or heat (so, most of us). 

Olaplex is a hair-growth hero. This weekly hair treatment works by getting deep within the hair and repairing split ends and damage before you shampoo. Like K18, Olaplex helps rebuild bonds in the hair for stronger, healthier hair. I switch off between this and K18 every week to build bonds and strengthen my hair. 

Olaplex No. 3 works amazingly well on its own, but when I want an extra boost of bond-building, I'll spray my hair with No. 0 before I apply the mask. 

The Leave-Ins

This innovative product falls somewhere between a mask and a leave-in treatment, but I typically end up opting to use it as a leave-in. It helps make hair soft and manageable while strengthening and smoothing. 

When Olaplex came out with this lightweight hair serum, I instantly added it to my hair routine. I cycle between different leave-in conditioners, but I nearly always start with this as a base, as it sinks into hair instantly and leaves virtually no residue. It infuses hair with antioxidants to protect it from environmental aggressors like pollutants and heat, and it also helps hair look shiny and detangles for easy styling. 

This is without a doubt one of my all-time favorite leave-in conditioners. It has safflower extract, tamarind to hydrate, and avocado to nourish hair while also helping protect it from environmental aggressors. 

Sol de Janeiro's newest haircare launch has instantly catapulted itself to the front of my haircare shelf. It helps repair damaged hair. (Plus, it smells divine.)

This is the leave-in that I reach for when I want frizz and flyaway control. It does such a good job at smoothing hair while providing tons of nourishment with super hydrators panthenol and vitamin E. 

The Styling Products

If I want to blow-dry my hair, this is my go-to product. It leaves hair incredibly soft and smooth, with minimal flyaways and tons of shine. This oil also helps repair damage and is a heat protectant up to 450ºF. 

For even more moisture before blow-drying, I'll reach for this blow-dry primer, which has moringa oil to lock in hydration and shine. The best thing about this primer is that it helps hair hold whatever style you want it to, so you don't have to worry about your hair falling flat. 

If I'm using a hot tool, this is my favorite heat-protectant spray to ensure my hair is safe. It also protects from the sun, so it's a win-win. 

In my journey to wash my hair less to preserve my color, dry shampoo is always on deck. I have learned through much trial and error, however, that not all dry shampoos are created equal. Many formulas leave my hair dull and give a film of unwanted residue. This one, however, feels totally weightless, absorbs excess oil quickly, and also leaves hair voluminized and lifted. 

I'll always try to avoid heat styling to preserve my hair color and avoid damage if I can help it, but in between washes, my hair can fall flat. A spritz of this just gives it an extra zhuzh, which is often all I need to feel better about how it looks. 

The Accessories

These hair ties are easy on my hair and don't lead to damage or pulling like others can. 

Silk pillowcases are a great investment if you want the best hair possible. They make sure you don't wake up with bedhead (no frizz here) and also don't absorb as much product as traditional pillowcases do, so your hair stays hydrated while you sleep. 

I use these silk scrunchies in my hair because they don't leave a crease like other hair ties. I'll pop them in if I want to preserve my style. 

This is my favorite hair brush to use for minimal damage. It detangles hair so well, even if it's in knots.