This Chic Home Décor Line Confirmed I'll Never Truly Stop Furnishing My Place



It's been about two months since I moved into my New York City apartment, and the search for home décor simply does not stop. I've always imagined what my dream space would look like, and now that I finally have the opportunity to curate it, I want everything on the market. I like to think of this as the best and worst problem to have. On one hand, I'm incredibly indecisive, and choosing one single theme to match my personality is a huge feat. On the other hand, I now have an abundance of chic options at my disposal, and I get an instant serotonin boost just from dropping home décor links into my group chat. Net-a-Porter's expansive line of home décor is full of timeless and trendy pieces that have already made their way into my cart. Just when I think I'm done shopping, I come across more dreamy candles, coffee-table books, and tableware ready to pull me back in. If you're anything like me, and you're constantly thinking about how to elevate your space, take a look at this new collection below.