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When it comes to selecting a gift for even the hardest people to shop for on your list, you can never go wrong with a home décor find. Whenever friends come to me about picky in-laws or their grandmother who already has everything under the sun, I always suggest adding something to their home that will brighten their days. With such a broad range of prices in this category, you can pick up anything from a bouquet of flowers to a new piece of furniture that they'll be buzzing about. However, I think we can do better than that. 

While I think I have great taste in home décor goodies, I happen to know a few people who can one-up me in that category. Stalking interior designers on the 'gram is one of my favorite pastimes, and Athena Calderone, Maggie Holladay, and Sarah Solis have designed some of my favorite living spaces. I got them to pick their favorite gifts to give this holiday season, and they're too good not to share. Below, see the five items they each vouched for, plus a few finds of my own.


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How would you describe your interior design style?

I'm insatiably curious, so my design style is ever evolving. It's modern with a nod to the past, elevated but accessible, lean yet luscious, and always layered with juxtaposed yet graceful pairings that lean into my contradictory impulses. Every element of a space is thoughtfully curated like a composer arranging notes, drawing you in with its complexity and nuance until the room sings and the senses awaken. I love to create pedigreed yet casual homes that are both stylish and soulful. But above all, my signature design approach follows the same philosophy: simple ideas thoughtfully executed. It's always best to allow a home to unfold organically, infusing it with sentimentality and emotion to turn everyday moments into something elegant and enduring.

What interior design trends are you loving for 2023? 

● Using stone and raw materials in unexpected tones and ways

● Using lighting at the forefront for both functional and decorative purposes

● Fabric draping on the walls as a decorative treatment

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How would you describe your interior design style?

I would describe my style as serene, brutalist, and timeless.

What interior design trends are you loving for 2023?

I'm loving the use of primary colors. I'm excited to see people incorporating color back into their homes, including me.

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How would you describe your interior design style?

Intimate, artful, and thoughtful through every detail—a balance of understated luxury and effortless, artful living with a deep attachment to the natural world. Much of my work is rooted in wabi-sabi, the Japanese concept of seeing beauty in imperfection. Beautiful design should be comfortable and personal, allowing for spaces that invite familiarity and emotion. 

What interior design trends are you loving for 2023?

Right now, I'm loving moody monochromatic spaces, earthy, creamy paint and plaster tones, chic Murano glass lighting, and bold, monochromatic textured area rugs. 

I'm also loving the look of a more minimal aesthetic in traditional spaces combined with a very chic balance of texture and floral prints. [I'm] leaning into everything '70s and '80s inspired and, of course, vintage furnishings, lighting, and accessory details.

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