If I Only Ever Receive 7 More Gifts in My Life, I Hope It's These


Clique Brands

Anyone else always say "Oh, you know me; I'll love anything you pick out" when a friend or family member asks for holiday gift hints? And then offer up an awkward fake smile and a less-than-believable "OMG, I love it" when receiving the ensuing gift (that you actually kind of hate)? Same, but as it turns out, people prefer to spend their money on something they know we want rather than playing the gifting guessing game.

That's why this year I'm dropping major hints for all of the special gifts I'm really pining after. From stunning yet practical Forevermark diamond jewelry (I like to dream big, okay?) to a coat I've been eyeing for probably a full calendar year, these seven items are at the top of my wish list, and I have a feeling you'll want to add them to yours too. By the way, if you run into my dad, I won't be mad if you casually mention you know the perfect gift to buy me for the holidays.