5 Outfits I Wear on My Imaginary Holiday Getaways

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In my imaginary life, I'm a pro traveler, jetting off in luxury to the most special places with my most favorite people and without a care in the world. My travel wardrobe? It's exactly what you'd expect it to be: stocked with the most fun, on-trend staples and a ridiculous-but-totally-necessary amount of luxury accessories. Oh, and my outfits are definitely styled to match each city I visit because this is my made-up world, and anything is possible.

Sounds pretty nice, right? Well, if you want in on this imaginary life, too, all you need to do is treat yourself (or someone else) to a bottle of Cartier La Panthère Parfum. The floral musk scent is nothing short of magical—as soon as you close your eyes and take a whiff, it's as if you're transported to a far-off land, and quite honestly, that's where I'd prefer to be right now. So let's just pretend we're there, and the five fantastic outfits I curated below are packed and ready to be worn at each holiday destination I've planned out.


In this made-up world of mine, I'm constantly in Paris and live on croissants. I wear leather pants because they're more chic than jeans, a button-down blouse with an oversize collar, and a baggy sweater vest because… croissants. Chunky lug-sole boots are a must to get around, but it's really the La Panthère Eau de Parfum—the perfect balance of gardenia and musk—that makes me feel unstoppable.


My dream world also has me in Havana with a piña colada in hand and no worries in sight. When I'm not lounging on the beach using my pretty hand fan while reading my stack of fashion magazines, I'm exploring the city in this excellent two-piece set. The outfit is made even more perfect by the shoes, and you guessed it—a spritz of Cartier La Panthère Parfum, a luxuriously delicious gardenia scent with subtle notes of osmanthus. 


Of course, I fly to Tokyo in this imaginary life of mine. The minimalist style and neutral palettes can't keep me away. The outfit? Baggy suit pants, a cozy polo sweater, a reversible checked wool coat that's virtually impossible to get sick of, a pair of loafers so good they need no explanation, and a spritz of La Panthère Eau de Toilette—a light and fresh floral scent that lingers in the air long after I'm gone.


But let's talk snow. In my dream world, I'm wearing all the appropriate layers with my high-waist flare jeans: a chic wool sweater, the perfect plaid puffer coat, and Chelsea boots that make my friends jealous. If you're wondering if I ever get cold, I don't because I have Cartier La Panthère Parfum to keep me feeling extra warm and cozy with its rich smell of gardenia and orange accents.


In both my real and imaginary life, I never pass up the opportunity to wear a Western-inspired outfit. High-waist white jeans? Check. Cowboy boots? Yes ma'am. A funky green cozy sweater? Yes! (It is the holidays, after all.) But what really lets my wild side run free is the majestic blend of gardenia and musk, a la La Panthère Eau de Parfum.

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Caitie Schlisserman is an L.A.-based executive director with over a decade of branded content and editorial experience. She joined Who What Wear in 2014 as the first branded content editor and has worked her way up to overseeing a team of talented branded content editors and the beauty department of the media revenue team. Before Who What Wear, Caitie helped launch FabFitFun's first subscription box and worked at a beauty startup where she assisted in successfully launching the editorial department.