If I Opened Any of These 20 Gifts, I Wouldn't Be Able to Contain My Excitement


Urban Outfitters

If you could see how excited I get every time I give or receive a gift, you might assume that gift-giving is my love language. Spoiler alert: It's not (I'm more of a "words of affirmation" girl), but gifts, whether I'm opening them or giving them, still bring me a lot of joy, especially during the holidays. So just imagine the fun I had putting together this list of perfect gifts for you below. As a fashion editor, wanting to give people clothes and shoes comes pretty naturally to me, but this year, I'm expanding my gift-giving range to include home décor, skincare essentials, and even card games. And Urban Outfitters has it all. It's my go-to spot around this time of year because it's filled with pieces for everyone in my life (most of which I wouldn't mind unwrapping myself). I might even have to sneak in a few items and label them "From: Me, To: Me" because I seriously want everything. If you're in a generous mood or looking to treat yourself for the holidays, keep scrolling, and get your wallet ready for these top-tier gifts.