Every Summer Trend I'm Buying From H&M (and How I'm Styling Each)

Best H&M Summer Trnds



The photo above is from one of my favorite fashion girls to follow on Instagram, Anna Sarlvit. The second I started sifting through H&M's site for my favorite summer trends, I thought of her. She has some of the best summertime style around, and although the exact photo above doesn't feature H&M products, she was my inspiration for the shopping roundup you're about to witness. From bucket hats to tie-dye to voluminous dresses, this girl has got it all, and beyond that, she styles every cool trend better than I ever could. Hence she's my forever summertime inspiration. 

Since this summer is shaping up to look a lot different this year due to the current state of the world, spending tons on new summer clothes certainly isn't the priority, but for those of you (just like me) who are craving just a few new seasonal pieces, H&M is your best bet. Ahead, I have shopped out some of my all-time favorite summer trends and gave you my personal styling plans for each (even if I am wearing the looks from the confines of my own home).

From tube tops to tie-dye swimsuits, check out my ultimate summer trend shopping at H&M. 

The Trend: Voluminous Dresses

Roomy dresses in the summertime are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing one could wear. Whether it's 80º outside or you're hanging out in your apartment, this dress will provide comfort time and again. 

How I'm Styling the Trend: With chunky sandals and pearl necklaces

The Trend: Chunky Sandals

This chunky and sporty sandal style is the summer shoe trend that just won't quit. I guess its versatility and unusual levels of comfort have helped this once-unpopular trend rise to the top and stay there. 

How I'm Styling the Trend: With a striped one-piece and an open button-down shirt

The Trend: Light-Wash Denim

Wearing jeans in the summer might not be your jam, but in case it is, we recommend light-wash denim to keep you as cool as possible. I'm no scientist, but I know that darker colors are prone to absorbing more heat, so if you're going to wear jeans, try a super-light pair for a change. 

How I'm Styling the Trend: With a white tank top and strappy-heeled sandals

The Trend: Knit Sets

Now that we are spending more time indoors than we ever have before, there's a new kind of wardrobe that we're championing and prioritizing, and that's loungewear. If you have the opportunity to work from home, I have found that a knitwear set is just the thing I need to feel comfortable and stylish. Plus, it's a big summer 2020 trend, so there's that. 

How I'm Styling the Trend: With fluffy slippers and bralettes (because let's be real—I'm not wearing real bras right now). 

The Trend: Tube Tops

This '90s trend is one of the most affordable ones yet, at least when you get them from H&M. These tiny tops are so versatile and can even be worn at home with sweatpants. 

How I'm Styling the Trend: With long shorts and flip-flops

The Trend: Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are the shoe trend everyone loves to hate, but just like chunky sandals, the style has remained on the top of the charts. These easy-to-style sandals will be a go-to no matter what you're wearing or where you're going.

How I'm Styling the Trend: With baggy jeans and crop tops

The Trend: Light Blazers

Jackets can be tricky during the summertime, but I have found that a light blazer does the trick every time. Currently, H&M has a great selection of linen-blend blazers ensuring maximum breathability when the temperatures start to rise. 

How I'm Styling the Trend: With bike shorts and strappy sandals

The Trend: Tie-Dye Swimsuits

Tie-dye is one of the best parts of summer if you ask me. Whether you're taking the DIY route or would prefer to purchase these cute and affordable tie-dye swimsuits below, I promise the psychedelic print will put you in a good mood. 

How I'm Styling the Trend: With a bucket hat and anklets

The Trend: Bucket Hats

Last but not least, we have bucket hats. Perfect for throwing on before lying outside or going on walks, this trendy topper will be the finishing touch on any summer look your heart desires. 

How I'm Styling the Trend: With poplin dresses and retro sneakers