Thanks to the French, These Under-$100 Necklaces Keep Selling Out



We've been fans of the fun tassel earrings by the brand Hart for quite some time now, and Charleston, South Carolina–based designer Hart Hagerty more recently created something else for fashion girls to covet: coin necklaces. We've already discussed at great length the appeal of gold pendant necklaces and couldn't help but notice that seemingly every French influencer on Instagram wears one daily lately. Hagerty has perfectly captured the trend via her collection of gold-plated Lucky Coin Necklaces, which seem to disappear immediately each time she restocks them. Hagerty confirmed that to us, saying, "I seriously can't keep them in stock. They sell out in hours!"

We asked Hagerty about her take on the instant popularity of the $98 line of necklaces, to which she said, "I believe that my necklaces are popular because they hit a sweet spot. They are simple and chic yet tell an interesting story (take the Janus, which will be restocked next week!)." She added, "These are sexy pieces, too, thanks to how I've made sure to make chains that fall at the perfectly sexy length! They somehow make even a basic white tee shirt a little more sensual and romantic."

If you're already wondering what's next from the designer, she also told us that she's creating more and will launch a Goddess coin collection in May. In the meantime, you may want to start stalking her site (and Instagram) for that impending restock. Get the links below.

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