There Are Basically 2 Types of Handbags That Will Always Be in Style

There’s quite possibly no single fashion object more susceptible to the chaotic rollercoaster that has come to be the modern trend cycle than a handbag. Think about it—the carryall that for most is just an afterthought, something to grab on the way out the door, is the easiest for fashion to latch onto. It bags change season after season, and as soon as a cool new bag is released (indeed often before it’s listed for sale online), celebrities, It girls, and fashion people already have their hands on it and have already been photographed carrying it. So it’s not hard to see why it can feel as if a bag’s popularity is already on the way out as soon as we’re all conscious that it’s “in.”

If that sentiment comes across as dramatic, the good news is that we’re sharing insider information just a few sentences ahead as to which bags will pretty much always be in style. Luxury re-sale websites see some of the most activity when it comes to which handbags people are searching for and which ones they’re currently purchasing. And according to Tradesy founder Tracy DiNunzio, there are two handbag styles that have always—and will continue—to do well for the cult re-sale site.

Ironically, you’ll find the best-selling bags to trend in two directions, occupying either end of the logo spectrum. The stylish shopper either wants the heavily logo-filled bags (think Louis Vuitton’s repeating pattern) or those with little to no trace of branding (the J.W. Andersons and Chanels of the world do this best). This makes sense when you consider that the It bag of any season is so specific it’s instantly recognizable to the trained (fashion insiders can all spot a “Pierce” bag from a mile away) and untrained (everyone knows what the overlapped LV lettering stands for) eye. Below, DiNunzio breaks down the key bags that she defines as have everlasting sartorial value.

Logo-Filled Bags

"The latest miniature bag seen on the arms of Kendall and Rihanna. The classic LV monogram pattern mixed with the youthful compact size is a perfect hybrid of sophistication and whimsy. Like many Louis Vuitton bags, the Alma will always be in style and its recognizable pattern is the ultimate logo lover’s design."

"If you’re ready to invest in a forever bag, Goyard is a unique heritage classic. The bold signature logo pattern is both insanely popular and somewhat rare, as Goyard does no advertising and has limited retail availability. The longtime prestige associated with Goyard means that your bag will never go out of style, and its limited availability makes it a favorite for ladies who love sophisticated, classic style but don’t want to look like everybody else."

Bags With Minimal Branding

"Pierce is the ultimate ‘low-key logo’ bag, and it’s been catching fire lately. The popular bag sports unique hardware with a barbell-style ring ‘piercing’ taking the place of a traditional logo clasp. To those in the know, the Pierce is the ultimate in understated chic. This bag appeals to grown-up women who love edgy style with a touch of punk-rock."

"Sac de Jour is the timeless tote that you’ve seen on the most sophisticated bloggers and in every street style photo. Its minimalist construction, subtle signature hardware, and small stamped gold foil logo make this bag a classic. While its style isn’t necessarily trendy, this bag appeals to trendsetters and fashion insiders who recognize it as an elevated and enduring design."

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