NYC Cool Girls Vouch for These 12 Halloween Trends

In the city that never sleeps, you can certainly assume that Halloween is a big ordeal among its citizens. Of course, it's a holiday all about nighttime (on brand), but it's also the one night you can be whoever you want to be and eat as many candies as you once did when you were little. What's not to love? However, when it comes to costumes, certain ones get tiring fast. Cat ears, a witch, and a nurse? All of NYC's cool girls have been there and done that. Now, it's all about other costumes that are just as easy and cool. Think alter egos highlighted with neon wigs, your favorite big-screen leading lady, throwbacks that don't fall into the cliché box, and more. Ahead, see what we mean as we highlight what Halloween trends NYC girls vouch for.

Now there's no excuse to bring out your cat ears this year!