NYC Cool Girls Vouch for These 12 Halloween Trends

In the city that never sleeps, you can certainly assume that Halloween is a big ordeal among its citizens. Of course, it's a holiday all about nighttime (on brand), but it's also the one night you can be whoever you want to be and eat as many candies as you once did when you were little. What's not to love? However, when it comes to costumes, certain ones get tiring fast. Cat ears, a witch, and a nurse? All of NYC's cool girls have been there and done that. Now, it's all about other costumes that are just as easy and cool. Think alter egos highlighted with neon wigs, your favorite big-screen leading lady, throwbacks that don't fall into the cliché box, and more. Ahead, see what we mean as we highlight what Halloween trends NYC girls vouch for.

Wigs Galore

Cat ears who? NYC cools girl are all for wigs. So, bring out your alter ego this Halloween and try a neon colored wig. 


From Black Swan, Pulp Fiction, or Breakfast at Tiffany's, there's a cult film character you can channel this October 31.


If you've already given the '80s and '90s a try for Halloweens past, it's time to throw it back to the early 2000s. NYC cool-girl tip: You can never go wrong with The Simple Life.

Not Your Typical Disney Costume

Who can resist a good Disney costume? NYC girls, though, are also opting for the newest characters to join the magical world of Disney. 

Disney's #1 Fan 

However, you can never beat a good Minnie Mouse costume, and NYC girls know that well. 

Glam Comfort 

Considering that Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, a cozy but glam costume is the ultimate choice. From spa robes to silky dresses or pajama sets, these options are the ultimate comfortable (and chic) costumes. 

Sporty Spice

Rep your favorite sports team and rock what's probably one of the most comfortable costumes out there. 

Bunny Ears 2.0 

Bunny ears might be the new cat ears, but make sure you give them a twist by sporting them with lace and leather. 

Girl Groups 

Halloween is better when celebrated with your BFFs. This year, take a cue from NYC girls and get your friends to dress up as your favorite girl group. From TLC to Destiny's Child and the Spice Girls, you have plenty of options.

Cult Film Favorites

From Pulp Fiction, Breakfast at Tiffany's, or León: The Professional, there's a cult film character you can channel this October 31.

Goth, But Make It Fashion

Whether you want to be a witch that flies solo or part of a coven, taking notes from everything that's goth will make a great Halloween costume. 

The Pop Culture Moment

What's Halloween without a clever nod to some of the most buzzed-about topics of the year? It's the perfect outlet to show off your creativity and sense of humor.

Now there's no excuse to bring out your cat ears this year!