54-Year-Old Halle Berry Looks Amazing, so We Dug Up All Her Best Beauty Secrets

Hey, we need to talk about Halle Berry. The one and only trendsetting, former pixie cut–wearing queen of the big screen has been slaying roles, and our hearts, for longer than your favorite TikTok influencer has even been alive. Exposed thongs? She did it first. Brown lipstick? It's never looked better on anyone else. Over the course of her ultra-successful acting career of the last three decades, the now 54-year-old has made us laugh, cry, wince, and stare in utter wonder. (If you've seen Catwoman, then you know what we're talking about.) Not to mention, she was the first, and only, Black woman to win the Oscar for best actress. In short, she's a legend.


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But as the years have passed, something odd has happened or, rather, not happened. Berry hasn't aged. Well, she has, ever so slightly, but on the whole, her face has resisted lines, wrinkles, and any signs of passing years eerily well. If you know anything about team Who What Wear, then you already know we think humans only get better and even more beautiful with age. But when someone has seemingly scored season tickets to the fountain of youth, we take notice. So what did we do? We searched high and low for all of Berry's skincare secrets. From gems she's dropped in interviews over the years to snaps she's shared on Instagram, we left no stone unturned. Keep scrolling for all our discoveries, and drink some water for crying out loud.

1. She Works Out… a Lot


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There's one thing that quickly becomes clear after even a brief scan of Berry's Instagram: She works out… a lot. The actress uses the hashtag #FitnessFriday to share workouts alongside her trainer Peter Lee Thomas, and the two can be seen doing everything from jumping rope for cardio to bodyweight workouts to Muay Thai training and even yoga. Berry is so committed to her fitness that she recently launched an online platform dedicated to all things wellness, Re-Spin. Aside from the benefits this rigorous fitness regimen imparts on Berry's body (keep scrolling for a little ab appreciation), we can only imagine that working out the way she does also leads her to drink a ton of water—the ultimate glowy-skin hack. 


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2. She Keeps Her Everyday Skincare Routine Simple


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While you might think that near-perfect skin is the product of a long, drawn-out regimen, Berry is proof that simplicity and consistency are the real keys to success. She said in an interview that day-to-day, her routine only consists of a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and eye cream. That's it! Excuse us while we edit down our skincare lineups. 

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Tone

Step 3: Moisturize

Step 4: Eye Cream


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3. She Spends Time Connecting to Nature… But Never Without Sun Protection


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Nature is good for the soul, and there really isn't anything quite as refreshing as taking in a deep breath of fresh air. It's obvious that spending time outside is important to Berry, too. Her Instagram is littered with photos of her taking in lush, green landscapes and squishing her toes in the sand at the beach. But Berry said in an interview that sun protection is nonnegotiable. "From age 16 on, I've worn sunscreen. I use SPF 30 because I don't think the higher SPFs are necessarily more effective," she said. You'll also find the actress sporting stylish headwear that shields her complexion from harmful rays. Queen.


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4. She Meditates


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"My meditative practice is my way to remain strong and centered for myself as well as my children when things are overwhelming," she explained. "I hope that everyone will take a moment today to breathe—you deserve it."


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5. She's Had a Decades-Long Relationship With a Famous Esthetician


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Berry has never been shy about sharing that famed celebrity facialist Olga Lorencin is her go-to skin guru. In interview after interview for years now, she's called out Lorencin's magic hands and skincare know-how as the most important contributors to her glowy, radiant, and ageless complexion. "Over the years, everybody has always said to me, 'How does your skin look like that? What's the magic? What's the secret?' And I've said along the way, well, her name is Olga," Berry said in a recent one-on-one sit down video with the facialist on Instagram. One of the pillars of Lorencin's skincare philosophy? Exfoliation. "I always say that your serum and moisturizer are laughing at you if you don't have [your] skin exfoliated first," Lorencin said during the aforementioned video. "The long-term glow—doesn't matter if you're 18 or 75 or 85—will come from a really good, carefully selected exfoliation."

In fact, Berry regularly posts about the at-home facial peels from Lorencin's eponymous skincare line. She's shown here masking it up in a photo captioned, "When in doubt, face masks are EVERYTHING. I personally love @olgalorencinskincare’s ageless mask - what do you guys use??" Sold!

6. She's a Serious Bather


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This year, more than ever, we're all more tapped into the importance of self-care. Whether that looks like spending time with our favorite books or moving through morning sun salutations, we're all considering different ways to take time away from life's many stressors. Berry is a big fan of a good #SelfCareSunday ritual, and one of the activities she regularly highlights is melting into a warm bath. It's no secret that luxurious baths are an ultimate relaxation tactic, so it's really no surprise that our queen takes time out for herself to soak. She even shared some of her favorite bathing essentials, including bath salts by Kismet and a bodywash by Aesop, via Instagram Stories earlier this year.

7. … And a Serious Face Masker


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Aside from her beloved Red Carpet Facials, Berry also vouches for a homemade mask she incorporates into her weekly routine. She broke down the entire recipe via her wellness platform Re-Spin, noting that the mixture of brewed green tea, turmeric powder, lemon juice, and plain yogurt is another regular indulgence in her #SelfCareSunday regimen.


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8. She Uses Freaky Skincare Tools


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Moisturizer and other topical skincare products are nice and all, but tools are the new wave everyone is riding. From jade rollers to gua sha stones to microcurrent devices and beyond, you'd be hard-pressed to find a hard-core beauty enthusiast who doesn't have a tool or two in their collection. Berry shared via Instagram Stories earlier this year that an LED light mask by Dr. Dennis Gross is her "personal favorite." And based on her smooth complexion, we'd say it's working.

9. She Drinks Tea Instead of Alcohol… Sometimes


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Another low-key trick that's had a hand in Berry's flawless complexion? She doesn't indulge in excessive amounts of alcohol! Now, there's nothing wrong with a responsible glass or two of your favorite libation, but we've been told by expert dermatologists that alcohol is one of the biggest instigators of dry skin. Not only that, but the presence of alcohol in the system can make it harder for your body to rehydrate, and thus, fine lines and wrinkles have an even better shot at settling into the skin. When we came across an interview where Berry said that she doesn't really indulge in alcohol and that she's never smoked or done drugs (a regular Girl Scout!), we had a major lightbulb moment. Berry has since admitted, in a series of Instagram Stories, that she is a fan of sulfate-free, low-sugar wines. But more often than not, the beverage she routinely poses with is a cup of hot tea. We're not sure if there's any science to suggest that tea has any bearing on gorgeous skin, but if Berry is a fan, then we're down for high tea, too. And maybe we'll even give the clean wine thing a try.

10. She Feeds Her Skin With Healthy Food


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For Berry, healthy eating is about way more than maintaining her svelte physique. She's spoken candidly about the diabetes diagnosis she received at age 22 and how adhering to the keto diet has helped her manage the condition. She takes to her personal Instagram and Re-Spin regularly to share recipes, cooking tutorials, and easy, healthy eats with her audience. Outside of this, Berry has expressed her love of other healthy, skin-boosting eats like bone broth, which is filled with nutrients such as protein and collagen.


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