You Always Ignore This Boot Color—Here's Why You Shouldn't

Not that there's anything wrong with timeless black or brown boots (they’re wardrobe essentials, after all), or even the rise of their bright-white counterpart, but if there’s one boot color that has been seriously underrated over the years, it’s gray. We know what you’re thinking: Why go with gray when you have the other neutral hues in your closet? Well, due to the fact that outfits with gray boots have flown deeply under the radar, they’ll naturally serve as a refreshing take on any of your winter outfits. Not to mention the color is just as versatile as any of your other go-to hues while giving your ensembles a softer feel—all the more reason to add them to your closet if you ask us.

If you’re still not convinced, we took it upon ourselves to gather the chicest It girl–approved looks featuring the boot style, and we’re telling you now, they’re good. Check them out below and get ready to start shopping!

Style Tip: Complement a statement-making outfit with gray over-the-knee boots.

Style Tip: A pair of gray sparkly boots will dress up any winter outfit.

Style Tip: Swap out your standard black boots with a pair of gray knee-high boots for any casual outfit.

Wear this as a top on its own or layered over a camisole.

Style Tip: Gray boots will go nicely with your brighter winter pieces.

Style Tip: Bring out the neutral hues of your outfit with a pair of gray suede ankle boots.

Style Tip: Gray knee-high boots will go nicely with a chic sweaterdress. 

Style Tip: Style gray boots with brighter colors such as orange.

Style Tip: When wearing a colorful patterned coat, a pair of gray metallic boots will brighten up the look.

Style Tip: Gray boots will make your everyday ensembles feel more refreshing.

Sock boots will always be so flattering.

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