This Boot Color Is Often Ignored, But Here Are 11 Outfits That Prove It's Chic

Not that there's anything wrong with timeless black or brown boots (they’re wardrobe essentials, after all), or even the rise of their bright-white counterpart, but if there’s one boot color that has been seriously underrated over the years, it’s gray. We know what you’re thinking: Why go with gray when you have the other neutral hues in your closet? Well, due to the fact that outfits with gray boots have flown deeply under the radar, they’ll naturally serve as a refreshing take on any of your winter outfits. And, not to mention, there has been a steady growing interest in minimal outfits that just so happen to incorporate the use of gray boots. They're versatile and leave any winter ensemble feeling soft and ethereal—all the more reason to add them to your closet if you ask us.

If you’re still not convinced, we took it upon ourselves to gather the chicest It-girl–approved looks featuring the boot style, and we’re telling you now, they’re good. Check them out below and get ready to start shopping! 

Style Tip: Complement a statement-making outfit with gray over-the-knee boots.

Style Tip: Light gray boots look clean and refreshing. Add a bit of color to make them exciting. 

This checked trench coat is fluid enough to be both formal and casual. 

And they're weatherproof. Don't we love a boot that is chic and practical? 

Gray knee-high boots outfit



Style Tip: Swap out your standard black boots with a pair of gray knee-high boots for any casual outfit.

White cardigan a la romance.

Style Tip: Gray boots will go nicely with your brighter winter pieces.

Gray boots and jumpsuit outfit



Style Tip: Gray snakeskin boots will never go out of style. Unleash your ultimate cool girl by adding a sleek leather coat. 

Minus-well grab a coat that'll elevate any ensemble.

Sweater dress and gray boots outfit



Style Tip: Gray knee-high boots will go nicely with a chic sweaterdress. 

Style Tip: Neutral is never a fashion faux-pas in the eyes of taste. 

A chic gray sweater to go with your chic gray boots. A monochromatic love affair. 

Metallic gray boots outfit



Style Tip: When wearing a colorful patterned coat, a pair of gray metallic boots will brighten up the look.

You'll get so many compliments on this.

Chic gray boots outfit



Style Tip: Who said gray has to be dull? Easily take these dark gray boots and pair them with a timeless white shirt for any outdoor activity. 

Effortlessly chic, no matter what the occasion.

Great for a walk in the city, or a walk in nature. 



Style Tip: If you live in a milder part of the world, easily pair gray boots with your favorite dress. The boot and belted dress combo is perfect for the warm weather. 



Style Tip: For the transition, try layering a chic slip over your favorite sweater. Your long, thigh-high boots will add to your statuesque look. 

Need more outfit inspiration? Here's exactly what to wear with brown boots this season.

This post was originally published at a previous date and has since been updated by Isiah Magsino. 

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