How This Luxurious Silk Label Keeps Its Prices So Low

It's easy to assume that basics made with high-quality fabrics come at a higher cost than those made with low-quality fabrics. We’re here to tell you that's no longer the case. Let us introduce you to Grana. The clothing label was founded by Australian Luke Grana in 2014 and aims to cut the cost of clothing by operating only via a digital footprint.

We caught up with Luke to talk about the quality of the label's fabrics, production cost, wardrobe essentials, and the Australian fashion industry.

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Who What Wear Australia: What prompted you to create Grana?

LUKE GRANA: It all stemmed from a visit to my brother in 2012. He was living in Peru at the time and on that trip I discovered Peruvian pima cotton. It was the softest cotton I'd ever felt, and I couldn't believe how cheap it was compared to other cottons in overseas markets.

WWW: What did you research before launching the brand?

LG: I started researching the fashion industry and comparing pricing of high-quality fabrics across the board. I then developed a direct-to-consumer business model that I hoped to cut out the middlemen, such as retailers and distributors, who were causing the high mark-ups through the supply chain.

WWW: How exactly do you keep your prices so low?

LG: We have direct relationships with our factories and makers, so once the garments are made, they're shipped straight to our warehouse in Hong Kong. They're then hand-packed by the warehouse team and shipped globally. Having one point of sale through our website allows us to be more cost-efficient as we don't have to depend on having several long-term retail spaces, ongoing rent, wages and several inventory bases. All of these factors let us pass the cost savings onto the customer without sacrificing the quality of the garments.

WWW: Where does Grana fit into the Australian fashion industry?

LG: The global trend of going back to basics is weaved into our ethos. Consumers are looking for quality, everyday essentials that last more than five washes, and are worth the money they're spending on it. Our designers are committed to sourcing and creating essentials using the finest fabrics from around the world for people who appreciate soft, high-quality and durable garments.

WWW: If you had to pick one wardrobe essential every woman needs in her wardrobe, what would it be?

LG: It would have to be a basic T-shirt. It's a timeless piece that can be styled and layered with almost everything in your wardrobe. 

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Chinese silk

Japanese denim


Opening image: Style Du Monde

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