The Gigi Hadid Modeling Trick You Haven't Heard Before

Gigi Hadid's modeling career may have skyrocketed in the past few years, but the 21-year-old is an industry veteran, posing from a young age. As the star of Allure's December issue, Hadid opens up about some of her earliest modeling memories, sharing an unexpected perspective that has likely contributed to some of her success. "I was obsessed with photographers and where models were supposed to fit in," Hadid said. "Obviously, I'm not taking iconic pictures as a six-year-old, but I studied models as part of an image, not just as a model."

As part of the "selfie" generation, Hadid's attention to composition and devotion to posing have set her apart from others in the business. She says, "I guess I saw what a lot of people don't see in models, which is that it's hard work, and you're not just another object in the photo." As for her earliest inspiration, Hadid turns to her recent collaborator, Tommy HIlfiger, "I first got inspiration for energy in a photo looking at those Tommy Hilfiger family-picture ads, where there were so many people and it looked like so much fun." Clearly, Hadid has given herself over to mastering her talent, and it's helped her stand out.

Read on for a look at Gigi's feature in Allure, and to shop pieces designed by the model!

Aemilia Madden