The #1 Item Gigi Hadid Always Wears

We know that Gigi Hadid is partial to a spot of athleisure (read: she's obsessed with it), but the model has just officially confirmed it by saying "I genuinely am in athletic clothes 99% of my life," and that even when she's at big fashion events she likes to incorporate the trend into what she's wearing. 

In a new interview, in which she discusses becoming the new face of Reebok as part of its #PerfectNever campaign, the star revealed why she's always been a fan of athleisure and how she started young because she was so active at school.

"My fashion sense started when I was a volleyball player in high school. And I had my spandex on all weekend playing volleyball. I would have to go straight from school to my games, so I just always tried to make leggings cute—that's kind of how it started," she explained.

Hadid went on to talk about how her move to New York didn't really affect her style in some respects, as "leggings were already, like, a huge part of my fashion sense." Adding that while she always opts for leggings, she'll often pair it with a "cool shirt and jacket or something." 

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Opening Image: Ignat/Bauer-Griffin 

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