I Want to Gift My Friends With These 16 Items—They Look and Feel Luxurious



This may sound cheesy, but one of my favorite parts of gift-giving is the look of joy on someone's face when they unwrap a gift that I thoughtfully purchased for them. I strive to increase the smile lines and create more jaw-dropping reactions every year. While clothes may not always garner the same dramatic reactions as appliances or technological devices do, my family is the exception. After all, they consider me to be their personal shopper, so they trust that the clothing they receive is not only carefully selected but also carefully crafted. I obviously have to live up to my unofficial title, so this year, I'm shopping at Everlane's gift shop, which is full of super-soft grade-A cashmere and recycled fabrics. I get bonus points for starting early during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, when the brand is offering up to 30% off some of its top winter styles. I'm predicting that it will only take about three seconds for you (and my loved ones) to fall in love with these items. So mark your calendars for the sale on Wednesday, November 24, through Monday, November 29, and keep scrolling for the best gifts.

Knit Tops

Best-Selling Denim