Milan’s Coolest Fashion Girl on the Easy Outfits to Wear This Season

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At Who What Wear, we know just how much you, our readers, love to hear about the latest and greatest trends, easy styling solutions, and the best of the best on the high street. That’s why we’ve partnered with Gap, one of our go-to destinations for timeless style, to bring you The Fashion Forecast—a series dedicated to solving your everyday styling needs and wants as well as getting a grip on emerging trends with the help of some of the coolest influencers around. Here, Italian tastemaker Alice Perrella reveals her tips and tricks for making a chic sartorial transition into spring.

At the start of any new season, it's easy to get swept up in throwaway trends. But in all honesty, I find the pieces that often garner the most cherished spot in my wardrobe are those that will stand the test of time. As we look to refresh our wardrobes for the season ahead, I recommend you also make it your key objective to identify any essential basics your closet might be missing and then focus on buying items that fill those gaps and will work hard year after year.

Gap has always been a place I can browse confident in the knowledge that, whatever my style ailment may be, I'll be sure to find the solution either on its rails (restrictions permitting, of course) or by way of its digital offerings. Its tried-and-true pieces blend in seamlessly with whatever's in your existing closet. In Italy, a common misconception is that we all walk around in the avant-garde outfits you typically see during fashion month: bright ensembles fringed with everything from feathers to sequins. However, I find the styling on Italy's streets to be more pared-back and reflective of its urban surroundings. That's the vibe I subscribe to and that I'll use as a basis to inform my springtime style.

For the new season, I'll be taking cues from the relaxed dressing I've been indulging in for the last 12 months and elevating it for the brighter days ahead. Tapping into the nostalgic trends that continue to be popular is easy with Gap's inimitable edit of vintage-wash denim and sleek tracksuits, which I'm centring around a soft palette of neutrals. Read on to see the items I've cherry-picked to help you kickstart spring.



(Image credit: @aliceperrella)

There are plenty of ways to combine both trends and classic pieces, and they often make for the most impressive outfits. I'm all about finding pieces that are truly timeless and, as such, incredibly versatile. This means that whenever you throw open your wardrobe doors, you're guaranteed to find something that works.

One of the most versatile items you can own is a denim jacket. Of course, Gap has mastered the art of creating a lived-in-looking denim jacket. Right now, I find myself playing up the nostalgic feel by pairing it with logo T-shirts (another buy that Gap has perfected), running sneakers, and '90s-inspired ripped jeans. Double denim is set to make a comeback this spring, too, so I know this is an ensemble I'll keep turning to.


(Image credit: @aliceperrella)




(Image credit: @aliceperrella)

A year ago if you had asked me which trend I didn’t think I’d ever be into, I’d have probably said tracksuits. How times have changed! Quite honestly, now I couldn’t imagine what my wardrobe would be without them. One of the key things to consider when buying a tracksuit is the colour. A failsafe way of ensuring your sweatpants outfits look as premium as possible is to stick to a sophisticated colour palette: Think camel, beige, navy, or cream.

As for layering, my go-to is always an oversize jacket, and this style is perfect. The black-wash denim gives the tracksuit an edgy overhaul and helps it transition from the sofa to the streets. Getting your accessories right is essential, too. I suggest keeping your look as elevated as possible with a plain pair of chunky boots, some delicate jewellery, and classic sunglasses.


(Image credit: @aliceperrella)




(Image credit: @aliceperrella)

When I add new items to my wardrobe, I always look for pieces that have endless styling options—the aim being to get more wear for my money. Like so many others, I've been living in leggings of late. I love how they can be worn in a multitude of ways and tailored to what I'm doing: be it grabbing a coffee, working from home, or unwinding after a long day. Right now, my go-to combination is Gap's classic black leggings with a grey hoodie—size up to create an ultra-chill aesthetic. On cooler days, I find myself reaching for my trusty denim jacket once again, which completes this offbeat look. For an additional switch-up, I'll rework my leggings-and-hoodie combination with an overcoat, It bag, and some chunky trainers.


(Image credit: @aliceperrella)


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